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Want Free Food? These 20 Restaurant Apps Will Give You Free Food for Downloading

| September 1, 2019

Is your food budget extra tight this month? Do you need to eat but you left your wallet at home? Lucky for you, many popular restaurants offer free food just for downloading their app (you usually have to create an account, too, but that’s pretty straightforward). Not sure where to start? Find a restaurant close to you and see if it matches up with one of the apps below.

Note that these restaurants change their deals regularly, so they may change the rewards that go along with downloading their apps. Be sure to check out each app for yourself before you try to claim your free food.


Downloading the app gets you 800 free rewards points. Redeem these for a donut; a fudge brownie; a medium slurpee, chillers iced coffee, or regular coffee; a Big Gulp; a taquito; and more (or save them and redeem them for something bigger, later, when you’ve earned more points). If you need a quick snack and you don’t have money on you, this could be a lifesaver.

Baja Fresh

Getting this app means that you get a free taco, as well as other discounts throughout the year. Signup at least four days before your birthday, and you’ll get a special treat then, too. If you love Mexican food, you can save hundreds of dollars with this app each year.

Baskin Robbins

Craving ice cream? Download the Baskin Robbins app and either register for a new account or login to an old one. Then you’ll be rewarded with a code for a free scoop! You’ll also get discounts throughout the year, and you’ll be the first to know anytime they release new flavors or something interesting happens.


The BJ’s app will reward you with a free mini pizookie after you download it and create your account. Not sure what that is? It’s only a gooey cookie baked in its own mini iron skillet, topped with ice cream. You can also get 20% off lunch every time you use mobile pay, order ahead, and cut down your wait time by registering for a spot via the app. They’ll send you special discounts, too.

Burger King

This app advertises saving up to $30 just for a download. However, it looks like the free food comes in the form of a Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGO) Whopper. Still, this is not a bad way to get food if you need a couple of cheap meals or you want to treat a friend. You can always use the other coupons and discounts later.


While this app doesn’t necessarily give you free food right away, you should keep it around and check it often. Company-wide free deals show up regularly, and your local stores can offer free food via the app, too. The only way to get these deals, most of the time, is to have the app and keep it active on your phone. You can also locate restaurants, order your food, and pay online via the app.


Download the Chili’s app, sign up for their rewards program, and you’ll earn yourself free chips and salsa for your next visit. The app will also give you 60 rewards points, which is enough to cover the cost of some of the items on the menu. You can also use the app to submit ToGo orders, reserve a place in line, and find nearby locations.

Chronic Taco

Love Chronic Taco? Get the app and verify your account, and they’ll give you 50 free rewards points. Use these for two orders of churro bites or one free taco. Continue to earn rewards points and you can get more free food, free Chronic apparel, and even a special package reserved for their biggest fans!

Jamba Juice

Get the Jamba Juice app and verify your account, and you’ll get $3 credited towards your next order. This is enough for a free pastry, or scrounge in your car for 19 cents and get a child’s smoothie. You also used the app to order ahead so you don’t have to stand in line.

Krispy Kreme

Love doughnuts? Get a free glazed one when you download the Krispy Kreme app. You’ll also get a free doughnut on your birthday, and you’ll be able to earn everything from free beverages to free boxes of doughnuts. If you always head to Krispy Kreme when it’s your turn to provide your team with breakfast, this is the app for you.

Marble Slab/Maggie Moo’s

Love those ice cream concoctions mixed on a slab? Download the SlabHappy Rewards app and you’ll get free ice cream immediately. If you go in a lot, keep the app to look up locations, earn rewards, and get a special discount on your birthday. This is perfect for the gourmet ice cream fans out there!


Get the McDonald’s app and get access to all sorts of deals. Some of the deals change daily, while others are only available for a limited time. Some focus on discounted food, while others are BOGO offers and even others give you access to exclusive free offers. Fridays, for instance, often feature a free medium fry with any order. You can also order ahead and participate in their McCafe rewards program via the app.

Panera Bread

Panera’s app is a bit hit and miss as far as free food goes, but when they do choose to give it, they often go big. They are known for having offered those with the app one free bagel a day for a month or one free coffee a day for a month. You may have to wait for these deals to roll around, but it will be worth having the app on your phone when they do show up.


Need a free sub sandwich for later or for a friend? Download the Quizno’s app and you’ll get a free 4” sub with any purchase. This is perfect if you want to buy lunch and dinner at once, or if your friend forgot his money and you want to treat him today. This app will also let you submit your order ahead of time so you don’t have to wait once you get to the restaurant.


Love deli food? Get the Schlotzsky’s app and you’ll automatically get a free small, classic sandwich. If you go there a lot, you’ll love getting $7 off your order every 7th visit. Additionally, you can order ahead of time and get app-exclusive offers.


Do you love yourself some cherry limeade? Download Sonic’s app and you can get a free medium slush (or a drink, if you don’t like slushes). The app will also allow you to pay, earn rewards, find nearby locations, and send and receive gift cards.

Steak ‘n Shake

If milkshakes are your thing, Steak ‘n Shake’s app could be for you. Order via the app, and you’ll get a free small milkshake with your first purchase. Additionally, you’ll earn $5 worth of free food for every $50 you spend through the app. They aim to make the process as simple and as smooth as possible when using their app.


Downloading this app and setting up an account will get you a coupon for a free app or a dessert. Note that the coupon may not show up on the app. It will, however, come to your email address within a few minutes of signing up via the app. Apparently, you have to have the app to get the coupon, even though you won’t see it there. You can redeem the coupon straight from your email, so it shouldn’t present a problem even if you’re hungry right now. Keep the app to earn points every time you eat at TGIFriday’s so you can get even more free food.


Download this app and you’ll see coupons and BOGO offers as soon as it’s all set up. The specific offers change regularly, and many of them are exclusive to the app. You can also order and customize your order via the app, pay through it, and find locations with the amenities you need and use the most.

Wetzel’s Pretzels

If you love you some pretzels, this is the app for you. Get a free pretzel when you download the app and another one on your birthday. In between, you can earn points for free pretzels, too. You’ll get one free pretzel for every six that you pay for. In addition, the app will offer special deals and rewards that you’ll only have access to if you keep it around.

With these apps on hand, you need never starve again. Whether you lost your wallet, left your cash in your other jacket, or just don’t want to spend too much right now, these apps will help you get food for free. While a few of them do require you to spend some money to get your free food, it’s having the app that’s important. Without that, you wouldn’t even be eligible for your rewards!