7 High Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada

| August 15, 2019

Canadian labour market has seen a big improvement in the quality of job creation thus far this year. Canada’s economy pumped out 155,000 new jobs in the first half of this year, more than what most economists had expected, according to a report on employment quality conducted by CIBC. As usual, full-time jobs lead the way in job creation, but the bigger surprise is the amount and quality of part-time jobs created over the same period of time.

In the past I’ve written often about the importance of creating multiple income streams to pay off debt – A tried-tested-and-true way that worked for me to eliminate my debt. That’s only one way to look at it though. A part-time job can also be used to increase retirement savings, supplement business income, and an effective way of dealing with stagnant salaries.

Part-time jobs are a very effective way to bring in additional income (and add another revenue stream), yet they’re often looked down upon as most believe that part-time jobs pay only minimum wage. But there are part-time jobs that pay significantly well, and sometimes in tune of an entry level salary of some full-time positions.

Here’s a list of seven high paying part-time jobs, along with the rough hourly wage, and the basic qualifications you might need.

1. House Painter

Painting homes as a viable option for those seeking seasonal work. While the hours are long, the earning potential is significant. I used to laugh at those who did this back in college, but they had the last laugh as students who graduated debt-free just by working summers as a house painter.

The average annual salary for a full-time painter is $45,000, making it an attractive source of income for even part-time, entry level applicants. Prior experience is not a must have, but rather the willingness to get dirty, learn and attention to detail are some of the must haves.

The starting hourly wage for a part-time painter will be roughly $10.75 per hour on the low-end, but on average anywhere from $12-14 per hour could be expected, after all it’s anything but an easy and clean job.

2. Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is simply someone who is hired by a company to go on a free shopping or dining outing in their establishment and then give and honest report on the quality of service they receive. Having a mystery shopper conduct a mystery shopping session is one of the most effective ways for businesses to gauge where their customer service stands, and make any necessary changes for the future. Mystery shopping is a massive industry in Canada, and businesses of every type spend over $1.6 billion on mystery shops every year.

According to Canadian Mystery Shoppers Providers Canada (CMSPC), mystery shoppers can expect to earn up to $28 per hour. Part-time mystery shoppers can earn up to $1,200 per month part-time, and full-time mystery shoppers can earn over $2,500 per month.

3. Personal Trainers

Personal training is one of the fastest growing occupations out there. An aging population with a greater need for improved fitness is contributing to that growth. Fitness instructors are usually self-employed but work through health clubs, offering their services to the club’s clientele. Most require certification, but how much training and experience that entails depends your exact location.

According to a survey conducted on behalf of Ace Fitness, salary rates for full-time and part-time trainers with Personal Training or Group Fitness Instructor certifications have increased steadily since 2005. Here are some numbers from the survey:

  • Full Time Personal Trainers earn on average $53,323 annually or $25.71/hr
  • Part-Time Personal Trainers earn on average $18,650 annually or $25.14/hr (15.95 hours per week)
  • Group Fitness Instructors earn on average $47,650 annually or $23.50/hr

Personal trainers can also become self employed without having to go through the middle man (fitness club), and instead rent part of the gym or use their own personal gym at home. On average, self-employed personal trainers charge $75 hourly (going rate here in Toronto), and the non-certified personal trainers (like my own trainer), charge $25 hourly.  In the instance of my personal trainer, he has the knowledge, but not the certification, and uses his personal gym at home to trainer clients like my self.

4. Commissioned Salesperson

Majority of the job-seeking public have zero interest in jobs without a base salary. Why would anyone work somewhere that doesn’t even guarantee me a paycheck?. However, those who are bold and confident enough to take on a commissioned sales job can make an extremely comfortable living by doing so. The most successful part-time salespeople are at electronics stores, and retail stores.

5. Restaurant Waiter/Waitress or Bartender

The hourly wage may not be much, but the tips will add up if you’re quick and attentive as a server or bartender, with cash in the pocket at the end of a shift. You can make much more in higher end establishments. The minimum hourly wage for the waiters or bartenders in Ontario is $8.90 per hour. Despite a low hourly wage, waiting tables is one of the most sought after part-time jobs in Canada. It requires no prior experience, unless you’re waiting tables at a high-end restaurant where you’ll likely be required to know the types of wines, and recommend food pairings to go along with the booze. Furthermore, by serving food or drinks, most part-time jobs are in the evening and weekends, therefore one could hold a full-time job and use the part-time job to supplement their income.

6. Tutoring

This is one of the most flexible jobs you can get because you can work it almost entirely around your own schedule. Tutoring is the least formal part-time jobs on this list, mainly because it isn’t a job as much as a side business, and you generally sell your services direct to the client. If you excel in any particular topic, such as science, math, English or even computer software, you can teach those looking to brush up their skills, learn a new subject, improve at a given subject or help assist those studying for an exam.

The national hourly rate for a tutor is anywhere from $10.25 per hour upwards to $29.23 per hour according to PayScale Canada. Most tutors tutor in the comfort of their home, at the client’s home or in a library. Getting new clients is simple as putting your self out there through a personal ad on Kijiji, Craigslist or even a small ad in the local town newspaper.

7. School Bus Driver

The hours may be tough for those with a full-time job, but for the stay at home parents you can earn a steady, competitive part-time income by driving children to and from school each day from September to June, Monday to Friday approximately between the hours of 7:00 am – 9:00 am & 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm.  Becoming a school bus driver is ideal for retirees, stay-at-home parents and the self-employed.

Professional experience is not required, and all the training is provided for FREE by larger employers such as FSC. According to PayScale, school bus drivers earn on average $10.15 – $19.66 per hour, depending on experience, and for over-time (after school trips), the hourly rate can go up to $33 per hour. (Source:PayScale Canada)

Final Thoughts

Whether you do so with a part-time job or with a part-time business, adding an extra income stream can solve a lot of financial problems, and open up new opportunities.I took on a few part-time jobs during my days in debt, and in less than a year I managed to pay off all of m debt. Three years later I’m still holding onto them, and have successfully converted both part-time jobs into side hustles, and more importantly additional income streams.

What are you doing to earn extra money? Have you ever done any of the above jobs or know of someone who has? How was their experience?