5 Unusual Ways To Make Money

| August 17, 2019

I’ve written in the past about getting rid of debt by snowballing payments with extra money earned. I wanted to use this post and address alternative ways to make money.

Thanks to suggestions by some friends online and in the PF blogging community, I’ve been able to put together a compact list of 5 different and unusual ways to make money.

Most of these ways to make money, can be done even with a full-time job. What you choose to use the extra earned money is strictly up to you. If you’ve got any debt, student loans, credit-cards or lines of credit, I’d suggest you use a bigger chunk of the money you earn on the side towards your debt.

I obviously haven’t tried any of these methods my self, however each of the five is pretty unique. Often one would go about earning a side income through traditional ways such as bar-tending, retail job or even as a part-time security guard.

Hopefully you’ll be be able to find something here that fits you, your time frame and skill set.

1. DIY Parking

Ever thought about renting your parking spot to someone. This rental can be short term (one time) or ongoing. This is much easier than you think with the help of justpark. This  website connects homeowners who live near high-traffic areas with drivers looking to park their car at a discount. So, for instance if you live near the big sports stadium in your town, you can advertise a parking space or two in your driveway.

Advertisers (you) are FREE to advertise on the website, and if you’re looking for a parking spot in the city, the website claims that you can park your car for much cheaper: About 50 to 70 per cent cheaper than street-meters or garages. Anyone can join and did I mention it’s FREE?

2. Panties For Sale

There are many bizarre things on the Internet, but many of the bizarre ones are also very profitable.  Just as I write in the niche of “personal finance”, there are millions of other niche’s out there  and a market for near every niche you can imagine.This niche is interesting and bizarre at the same time.

Ever hear of anyone selling used women’s panties online? Yup, you read it correctly – used women’s underwear.

As bizarre as this niche sounds, it’s actually quite profitable on the Internet. There are many sites out there (none which I’m going to list here btw) that operate like Kijiji for selling used women’s underwear. These sites are geared towards more the curious online customers, who also happen to be outside of the typical person’s comfort zone.

This is probably not your forte, and I’m not surprised at all, but I did say in the title of this post – DIFFERENT ways to make money.

3. Line Waiting

Next time a big launch happens for iPad 3, throw a little ad together on Kijiji or Craigslist by offering to wait in line for consumers.Many people hate shopping as a whole, but I don’t know of anyone who likes waiting in line for anything. My self included. I’m impatient and at times did wish that I could pay someone else to wait for me.

Several shoppers that camped out for the iPad 3 launch last month weren’t waiting for themselves, but instead were waiting for someone else who paid them to wait and/or purchase the new iPad3.

4. Personal Shopper

You can become someone’s personal shopper for the day. This idea particularly works well on busy shopping days like Boxing Day and Black Friday. Much like the line waiting idea above, you can charge people for waiting in line and picking up their shopping. In return they would get the product(s) of their choice without the busy rush, line waiting and fighting over limited quantities of products.

Post an ad on Kijiji and/or Craigslist advertising your services, with the promise to score the “door-buster” deals that come because you’re willing to dedicate hours of waiting in cold for the doors to open and beating the rush. And if you’re really clever, you can offer gift-wrapping as part of your service.

Check out this story of an unemployed teacher who’s eager to shop for you by being your personal shopper for the day and even offers a gift wrapping service. In return she takes 15% of your total purchase, pre-paid gift cards or cash.

5. Human Guinea Pig

If you’re comfortable of being a test dummy for drug products yet to be launched into the market, than becoming a part-time human guinea pig might be for you. There are many people who make it a career of being a human guinea pig. On average, compensation is paid in thousands. And in 28 days, the mandatory waiting period between studies, you can repeat the process.

Nearly 33 per cent of “healthy patient research” conducted in North America happens in Montreal. More than half the tests are performed for drugs for sale in Europe. Ten largest Pharmaceutical companies have operations in Quebec. If you’re fine with the idea of taking a few days off of work, donating your blood and urine and willingness to try out some drugs that yet can’t be prescribed by your doctor, than this might be the gig for you.

If you’d like more information, check out this article – Inside the Human Guinea Pig Capital of North America.