10 Signs You Need Help With Money

| August 18, 2019

Can a one-month financial makeover solve all your money problems? Probably not. Money is one of those subjects that requires our constant monitoring and adjusting. Even when on auto mode, some money management is necessary. Many young couples and singletons from across the country are finding themselves struggling financially. They have a job, earn a paycheck, and after all bills are paid there is very little leftover for life, savings and larger purchases.

Most people have dreams of one day owning a home and are threatened by taking on debt. Most of us do carry some form of debt, but how much debt is too much before you need help with money? Like many people, we all make some questionable financial decisions. And other times our lives get the better of us.

One thing is certain with money is that it’s never too late to make a turn around and admit that you need help with money. So, stop what you’re doing and pay a little attention to your money – it needs you.

Here are 10 signs you need help with money.

1. You live paycheck to paycheck – This is the #1 sign you need help with money, hands down.  Living paycheck to paycheck is a recipe for disaster, and I’m certain that some of you reading this are in this boat. And trust me I was too!!!  It’s never too late to start making a change and hit the road to recovery. Start by tracking your money, see where it goes and create a budget to help you better manage your money. I’m living proof that it can be done, and if you read my story when I started this blog you’d realize that I was in deep deep shit. Fast-forward 18 months and today I’m in total control of my money and most importantly don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

2. You pay one credit card with another – I remember the times when I did this and looking back at it now, I wonder what cool-aid was I drinking back then? Avoid balance transfers at all costs.

3. You pay for group dinners/outings on your credit-card and keep your friends cash – This one made me laugh. Here’s a very recent and true story. I was out for beers & wings with my soccer team, and once the bill came, we all threw in some money to pay for our portions…except one guy. He took the cash and paid the whole bill with his credit-card. I couldn’t help and think in that moment; What are the chances he’ll pay that $175 charge on his credit card on time and/or in full?

4. You live in overdraft – This was one of my past downfalls as I used to live in overdraft. No wonder I had revolving debt, because the pay-check would arrive and part of it would cover the negative overdraft balance.

5. You’re afraid of your credit-card statement – And you don’t open it. Absolutely not a good sign. You MUST  KNOW what you’re dealing with so that you can fix it and get right back on track! Problems don’t just disappear. If you never DON’T KNOW what’s going on you’ll just keep sinking and sinking until it takes something tragic to snap you out of it, like a court order or bankruptcy. If it goes as far that you need a debt settlement, there are a few great websites that offer debt settlement information. Just look around.

6. You shop weekly ONLINE – If you shop weekly online at places such as Amazon, eBay or any other online retail outlet – you seriously have problems.

7. 0% of your money goes towards savings and/or retirement – You seriously need help. Saving zero for the future doesn’t spell a very bright future for you.

8. You frequently withdraw cash – We all know that money can be hard to manage, but managing cash is next to impossible. You’d virtually need to be carrying a note pad and write down every purchase you make upon payment with cash at the register. And unless you’re doing that, you certainly don’t know where your hard earned cash is going.

9. You don’t like keeping receipts – This must be because they remind you where you spent your money, right? If you’re afraid to look back at your receipts….well I think you have a serious problem. Go get some help. 🙂

10. You have five or more credit cards – Sometimes I have enough trouble managing one credit card, how do you possibly manage five or more? It’s simply becomes a big mess after a while, and one that is very hard to manage.

Some of these were pretty crazy and more entertaining than anything, but hopefully it got you thinking and will prompt you to start researching any areas that may need improvement. Like I said earlier, money is always a work in progress.

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