Will You Sending Your Boss a Holiday Card?

holiday card If you already haven’t, and with less then a week to go until Christmas, will you sending your boss a holiday card? Keeping professionalism in the office is pretty clear – you pickup the phone, reply to emails, update your peers through the phone, email or visiting someone’s office. But personal communication gets a little more trickier, especially when it comes to your boss.

During this holiday season, and everyone one that has past and the ones to come, there are many who wonder, “Should I send my boss a holiday card?” Should I do it via email, or get a traditional paper card or should I include some sort of a gift? Questions that are sometimes confusing and difficult to answer.

But I say yes to sending your boss a holiday card. Its a very good idea to send a holiday greeting card and remind your higher-up that you haven’t forgotten about them. Furthermore, it will allow you to send a message that you value your relationship with the company, and respect the person in a position of power. Greeting cards are widely welcome in the business world, and it’s been proven many times that businesses and people conducting the business are more accepting to doing business with companies or individuals who send holiday cards.

Pass on E-Cards

E-cards are very environmentally friendly, but aside from that I find e-cards very impersonal. This month alone, I’ve received eight e-cards wishing me happy holidays and all that jazz. What did I do with them? Delete! Delete! Delete! I find them impressionable, and very generic – I was tagged in a very generic e-card. But here’s another reason to skip e-cards: Most senior management is old school who still enjoys getting a print holiday card.

A greeting card sent via email will likely be regarded by most as inappropriate. Furthermore, cards like this lack personal touch of a card mailed individually to someone. E-cards and social media holiday greetings are often sent en masses, and there’s very little personality in them.

Going the Traditional Route

Here’s why you should go the traditional route, and send your boss a paper holiday card.

  • Connecting with your boss (or former boss) will help keep you top-of-mind in their awareness – especially for future opportunity, support and possibly promotion.
  • Staying in touch with bosses and colleagues via a holiday card is a form of networking, and much less expensive than a holiday gift or a lunch.
  • Personal touch at display. Sending your bosses and former bosses a holiday card demonstrates personal touch to accompany your business relationship.
  • Sending a card to former bosses or colleagues reminds them that you’re staying in touch – something that can be critical to future employment.

Sending the Right Holiday Card

Sending out a holiday card to your bosses or peers is always a good idea, but following some basic guidelines to ensure maximum benefit of the card is absolutely necessary.

  • Ensure that you spell the recipients first and last name correctly.
  • Include a business card inside the business card if you’re sending it to someone outside of your office. This ensures that the contact has your most up to date information.
  • Sign each card personally. It only takes a moment, but means to much.
  • Lateness is pathetic. In life and business, timing is everything.
  • Choose a high quality holiday card that allows no possibility to offend the recipient.

Final Thoughts

When sending your holiday card, keep in mind that many companies close during the holidays and the people take vacation to be with family members – so send your card early.  Also, keep in mind that you recipient may want to respond to your card, so give yourself enough time.

Readers, will you be sending your boss a holiday card? Is this something that you practice every season?

Happy Holidays!



  1. I typically have not given a Christmas card to a boss. I’ve generally had bosses who asked that we not give them anything, so I’ve tended to stick to that.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..The Risks and Rewards of Taking The Plunge – Part 2My Profile

  2. Nice people in my department organized something so I just gave them money and signed a card. :)
    Cat recently posted..How I made it through school without going into debtMy Profile

  3. I am 100% with you on ecards being impersonal. I do however use MoonPig to create custom (physical) cards quite often. I figure that adding a photograph and personalising it offsets it being lazy ;)
    Savvy Scot recently posted..Credit Card Shopping Has Never Been EasierMy Profile

  4. I won’t be, but I haven’t really thought about it. I have such a great relationship with those I work with that it doesn’t seem necessary to mark the holidays as such. We went out for lunch as a group, which seemed appropriate.

  5. Signing the card is really important. On the few occasions we got a greeting card with absolutely NOTHING written in it, I’m remarked to our husband – “Look so and so gave us a holiday card to give to someone else for Christmas” The purpose of the card is to send a personal message from you, not Hallmark :)
    Mandy @ MoneyMasterMom recently posted..Time Well SpentMy Profile

  6. Ecards are a waste of time….very impersonal, pass on them indeed!

    My Director is getting a bottle of wine tomorrow from me.

    My staff got me a nice gift card from the LCBO. They know me well :)
    My Own Advisor recently posted..2012 Blog Year In ReviewMy Profile