Deep Down, We’re All Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, business, owner, blog, blogging, finance foxMy parents immigrated to Canada in their late thirties and jumped into the workforce right away. They did not posses any Canadian education and they barely spoke any English. And despite both working in factories, my mother a packer and my father as a cabinet maker, they possessed tremendous entrepreneurial skill. No, they did not invent anything in their lives or else I probably wouldn’t be sitting her and writing this post now. Instead I’d probably be well on my way to taking over a successful business, as they slowly moved out of the way en route to retirement. However, that is not the case. And this post is not about my parents or them not inventing anything. This post is rather about entrepreneurship and how deep down inside somewhere we’re all entrepreneurs.

Despite no successful new product or service launches, my parents were entrepreneurs. They never made any large amounts of money from their entrepreneurship, but they found ways to save tons of dough. Over the years, the attempted to make their own wine. I even participated in this event. Even though the first year was a disaster, because we didn’t know what the hell we we’re doing. However, year two and onwards have been a total success. Now, my parents make their own wine, give tons to their friends and save a boat load of money by not having to purchase their own vino.

Furthermore, my parents have been successful in making their own cleaning products, home made coleslaw salad and various other home made food products, including home made jam. There were even times when friends of friends would pay money to purchase some of their successful home made products. Even though they did not like taking money, they never refused it either, because getting paid for something you are passionate about is a bonus in it self. Despite getting some money here and there, my parents never produced any of their products for profit, but rather for our own family usage. Having home made cleaning solutions, jams, soups and salads, meant that they would spend less money and reduce the need to go out and buy the products.

This tradition has been passed down, at least to me thus far. My brother on the other hand, has no desire to do much him self. He’d rather pay someone else. And that’s totally fine I suppose, if you’re still living at home, you don’t have much to worry about, except for waking up on time to make it to school on time.

I’ve become a total entrepreneur, mostly due to my parents. However, what differs me from my parents is that I am chasing the dollar signs. And no, I’m not looking to get rich quickly, however I do enjoy being an entrepreneur on the side, even if I only make half of my salary and put in almost the equal amount of hours.

You might think I’m crazy and for the most part I am, in a good way of course, but once you find something you are passionate about, you realize the happiness that comes first and that dollar signs come second.

Ever since launching my cleaning business roughly almost two years ago, I gained the true definition of feeling satisfied. A year later I launched another successful business, well sort of anyways. I guess you can say I fell into it. Even though I enjoy writing and talking about personal finance, I also don’t mind getting paid some cash thrown my way.

Again, like I said above, I’m not looking to get rich over night.

I am satisfied to get some money here and there for the amount of work I put into writing on this site. I take more pleasure in getting a nice comment on an article I wrote or some friends in the real world asking my a question related to personal finance. I know don’t know it all, nor do I claim that I do, but I sure ask heck know more now about entrepreneurship, personal finance and being a business owner than I did know two years ago.

However, not all is gravy. There have been some hard lessons of being a double entrepreneur. People are going to hate. There are tough decisions to make at times. My hourly rate is less than the minimum wage in Ontario 0f $10.75. And despite it all, I’m still fascinated with being an entrepreneur.

We all can become entrepreneurs and I firmly believe that we all have an entrepreneur in us, just waiting to be discovered.

In less than two short years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve realized something that all entrepreneurs share. You don’t need a lot of money to be successful entrepreneur. You need three key characteristics – Hunger, Persistence and Optimism.

Fortunately (maybe your self) some are born with all three characteristics and for some, like my self, it took me time to acquire them, because I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with them.

Deep down, everyone has the ability to be an entrepreneur. The ten year old neighbors on your street are not any better, just because they set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk every summer. You can do it too.

Find something you’re passionate about and do it. There is nothing to hold you back. You may be  a single mother (or father for that matter) reading this and saying “Easy for you to say, you’re young and single” and you are right, it might be easier for me, but it’s certainly not impossible for you.  Work on your project after the kids are gone to bed. And if you don’t believe me, just look at how many mompreneurs are popping up. Mompreneurs are the hottest thing out there, even hotter than Jen Lopez in her latest video.

Heck, just look at me. If I was able to start my own company in 2010, a guy who always believed that you need money to make money, you can do it.Since becoming an entrepreneur, even on a small scale that I am, there have been lots of ideas and opportunities that have come my way. And to those of you who have been part of all those opportunities and are reading this post, you know who you are – Thank you!

The bottom line is anyone can be an entrepreneur. And you don’t need any money to start your business, you just need the balls to start letting your ideas out. Once you get over that hump, possibilities are endless.

So, what are you waiting for. Start letting your ideas flourish, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I say that with ease, however, I’ll add that even though I’m very good at giving out sound advice and not good at taking my own advice.

However, I wish sometimes I would take my own advice though. And maybe grow some balls and ask that pretty girl out. Remember, I when I sad that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So, what you going to do about it?



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