Your Old Unused Electronics Are A Hidden Cash Pit

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We all have some of them kicking around the house, collecting dust, hidden away and simply taking up space. Let’s face it, our once favorite electronics don’t last forever, and instead they become outdated pretty quickly, especially cellphones, smartphones, music players and other small household electronics.

Either way, our old electronics become a hassle after sometime, yet getting rid of them is sometimes easier said than done. Roughly 140,000 tonnes of electronic waste ends up in Canadian landfills every year due to improper recycling.

We know we shouldn’t store e-waste, yet we continue to do so. In addition to the space it takes, batteries can leak and the devices can be a fire hazard. In some cases, things that are no longer useful to us can find new life with people in need. So, why don’t we recycle our electronics more? We recycle plastic and paper, but rarely do electronics get recycled properly.

Now think about this.

Your unused old TVs, computers, stereo equipment, cell phones, digital cameras and mobile devices contain materials that can be recycled (such as copper, silver or gold). And that spells out one four letter word – CASH.

Rather than letting your old devices collect more dust, have you ever thought about getting some money in exchange for your old device? That’s right, you can trade in your unused electronics and get cash in return.  Here are a few websites that will take your old dusty electronics, give you cash in return and more importantly recycle them properly so they don’t end up in a landfill.

Sell Your

In four simple questions, you could know how much your items are worth and what you’d be getting in return. SYE accepts all types of cellphones, smartphones, MP3 players, camcorders, cameras, tablets and laptops. Once you get your quote and what you’ll get in return for your electronics, you complete the signup and Sell Your Electronics will mail you a shipping kit with a prepaid shipping label. Next, you send your old electronics in, they are reviewed upon arrival and within four days a payment is issued to you via PayPal.

Click on the link for more info on Sell Your

Buy Back World

They take a lot more of your old stuff than most other websites. They’re always looking for cellphones, headphones, video games, audio equipment, cameras and other electronics. The process is the same as with Sell Your Electronics, you answer a few questions, send your items in, and they’re reviewed. If your items are in the same condition as you indicated, you’ll get paid out, if not, you’ll be offered different offer.

In case you dislike the new offer, your items will be returned hassle free and free of charge. If you do agree to a number that you feel is worth of your old devices, you’ll be paid out within a week.

Click here for more info on Buy Back World

Cell Cycle

By recycling your used cell phones, smartphones, tablet or net-book computers in Canada through, you can earn up to $250 for working recent models. They have an extensive price list where all the items/models they purchase are listed and how much they’re willing to pay for a given item. You can send in your phone by printing a postage paid mailing label you’ll find online, along.

Click here for more info on Cell Cycle

Final Thoughts

The above three websites are pretty good, but I’m certain that more exist out there. But for now, I’ll leave you with the following food for thought on getting cash for your old electronics:

  1. Shop around on all the websites and see which one will give you the best bang for your buck.
  2. Be wary of the payment terms. In other words, if you don’t have a PayPal account, either create one or find another website that will cut you a check instead.
  3. You’re responsible for your own data. All websites promise to protect your data and wipe it, but be certain by doing it yourself.
  4. Remove your old SIM CARD. They contain a lot of information, and you certainly don’t want it in the wrong hands. 

Readers, what do you do with your unused old electronics? Have you used any websites like the ones above?



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  1. I haven’t ever sold my old electronics (namely laptops and cell phones) as I’m nervous about somebody taking private information from them when I send them off. Saying that, I just give my items to Best Buy to recycle. They have a nice video on how they erase computer/phone memory and how they recycle everything. It just makes me feel a little more comfortable.
    Jason @ WSL recently posted..Recipe: Corn Chowder with ChiliesMy Profile

  2. Never heard about these services, certainly an eye opener!
    One has just to make sure all private data is erased before sending any electronic equipment.
    BeatingTheIndex recently posted..Renegade Petroleum Shifts from Growth to YieldMy Profile

  3. I didn’t even know these existed. I’ve just been getting rid of mine at electronic recycling days. I did manage to get a gift card by turning in a few cell phones (as noted above, remove personal info first!).
    Cat recently posted..Negotiating a better finance deal on a used carMy Profile

    • Cat,
      In your defense and mine…I never heard of any of these either until I started to research and looked them up.
      Never the less, they’re pretty neat and the fact that you can get cash in return makes them that more attractive.



  4. Nice post. We’ve sold quite a bit of our electronics in the past. We just make sure to wipe them (if it’s a computer or something like that) before selling and have no worries. We’ve been able to make a nice little sum off of it at times, especially if it’s something people want.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Festival of Frugality #361, Election Day EditionMy Profile

  5. you really think there’s a market for the electronics you listed?
    Kathleen @ Frugal Portland recently posted..Frugal Portland Activity: Gift Exchange!My Profile

  6. Shut the front door! I didn’t know about these sites! I just checked out my son’s kindle that he no longer wants (we won a Kindle Fire, so he wants that instead…obviously!) and the quote we got was $134! Also, I have an old cell phone that they’ll pay us $30 for. This is the first time I’ve gone to someone’s blog, read the post, and then made real money for doing so. Thanks, Eddie!
    Michelle @ See Debt Run recently posted..Security For The Best Things In LifeMy Profile

  7. Robb Davis says:

    A note of caution about and timing. I have a Canada Post tracking number which verifies they received my package on October 22. I sent an email about a week ago asking about my money and received no reply.

    I have sent another email today to inquire. They guarantee the paypal payment within a week of receiving the package, but that didn’t happen with me.

    I’m hoping they’re just a little backlogged. Probably lots of people are trading in phones because they’re buying the new iPhone 5. I’m a little nervous about lack of communication and no phone number to call if something goes wrong. Hopefully it’s all for nothing and I’ll get my paypal payment soon.

    I was excited because they were offering about $40-$50 more than trading it in to Telus.

    • Robb Davis says:

      I got my money yesterday–5 weeks after they received my iPhone. Definintely not within the 5 days “guaranteed” to send me my money.