Two Year Blogiversary – Celebrating Success Thanks to You!

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November 2010 was the first time I published my first post on this blog. Looking back now it was pretty cheesy and the post even contained a cheesy logo that I threw together in paint. Since then this blog has come a long way. 3,360 comments and 455 posts later, I can honestly say that it’s been a superb ride – one that I’m still enjoying. During this same time, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some pretty amazing, creative and dedicated people who’ve supported me through the good and the bad through this blog. Even though at the very best I consider myself a mediocre writer, one that has written some decent posts  that have gotten some pretty fantastic features due to your promotion, feedback and opinions. For that I sincerely and deeply thank you! You’re all unique in your own way and a pretty smart, witty and most importantly amazing group of people. So, thank you for being part of my life.

In commemoration of celebrating two successful years of blogging, I wanted to share with you some fun facts about this blog, and what the future holds going forward. I suppose you can say that I’m letting you into the behind the scenes stuff that I generally only share with a very select circle.

Year in Review

Number of Posts

In my first year of blogging, I manged to pump out 220 posts. That works out to roughly to 0.6 posts per day or 1.2 posts every second day. Over the past year (November-November) I manged to pump out 235 posts – a welcome 6.4% increase over the previous year. Blogging is anything but easy, however it’s enjoyable. Quite enjoyable actually! I strive to post every other day and on average I’ve been posting 4 posts per week. Some weeks have had more posts than others, but on average it’s been around four.


On average each post has received roughly 12 comments. This is a very rough number, as some posts have had over 100 comments and others less than 10 comments. In either case, you’re the judge, so it’s you who chooses to comment or promote the post. The highest commented posts were as follows:

Money will change you – 101 Comments

How do you become rich? – 66 Comments

The cold hard truth on being a personal finance blogger - 53 Comments

You are not a writer unless… - 36 Comments

Everything is better in the suburbs – 34 Comments

Who’s Yo Daddy – 34 Comments

Traffic & Visitors

In the past year, this blog has experienced significant growth – both financially and in terms of visitors. In it’s first year of existence, this blog managed to gain 24,962 visitors. In the last year, again from November 2011 to November 2012, the visitor amount spiked to 114,713 or 4.6 times greater than the same period last year or an increase of 78.2% increase. Here are a few more numbers from this past year:

Year Ending Numbers – Year 2

Visits: 114,713
Unique Visitors: 100,378
Page-views: 156,113
Pages / Visit: 1.34
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:15
% New Visits: 85.63%

Biggest Referral Sources

  1. Google US
  2. Google Canada
  3. Financial Samurai
  4. Facebook
  5. Give Me Back My Five Bucks
  6. Yakezie
  7. My Own Advisor
  8. Young and Thrifty
  9. Where Does All My Money Go
  10. Brighter Life 

Media Mentions

Over the course of last year this blog or myself have been mentioned seven times throughout some major media outlets – online and offline. Compared to the previous year, we nearly doubled our media mentions. Even though there’s a month remaining this year, here are the media mentions of 2012.

  1. House of rising insurance premium – Globe & Mail
  2. This is what everyone is too afraid to say about rich people – Business Insider
  3. Best money tips – Wise Bread
  4. If you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it – Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
  5. You can ease debt load with a plan – Toronto Star (Print Only)
  6. Bloggers offer their best financial tips - Money Sense
  7. What are your best financial tips – Ellen Roseman (Toronto Star Columnist and Blogger)


I’m never the one to talk about my monthly income – just not my style. I’m a pretty private person, and those who do share the numbers…well kudos to you! One thing to always remember is that no two equal results will have the same paths. Meaning how much income one generated through their blog is difficult to emulate due to too many uncontrollable variables. Finally, when I started blogging two years ago, a wise man said to me: “Only talk in percentages….you don’t owe anything else to anyone.” So, keeping that in mind, here are two things I’m willing to share.

  1. My blogging income spiked 67% from previous year.
  2. The income has now four zero’s at the end instead of three.

Yes it’s vague, but better than nothing :)

Looking Towards the Future

Going forward the future looks bright for Finance Fox. Aside from looking to build onto a successful second year, I will continue to deliver the same opinionated juicy posts that were delivered over the past two years. Furthermore I plan to stay in the tune of 4-5 posts per week or one post every other day. The long term goal is to bring on a few staff writers – an idea that I’ve been toying around with for a while now. This same idea was tested in the background with a “ghost writer” for a period of roughly 2.5 months – which recently ended in November. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but for a period of time a ghost writer wrote for this blog once a week. I bet you didn’t know that! :)

Another aspect I’m excited about is the redesign of Finance Fox. This has been a long, grueling and sometimes difficult journey, but never the less the newly redesigned version of Finance Fox should go live sometime in January – at least that’s the goal. During the redesign, one of the things that’s yet to be implemented in all this time was a Facebook page. This will come alongside the new design and also be launched in January 2013.So, I’ll be certain to hit all of you up for some likes.

Finally, in two very short years I’ve managed to start three different blogs. Finance Fox continues to be my primary focus, alongside another niche blog, and my third idea will hopefully be the grandest of them all. I’m not going to share much now as it’s still in the development stages, but let’s just say that it’s more of a lifestyle blog catering to a specific niche that was started with a close friend. Our goal is to turn this blog into a full fledged news source and directory that will be available online and in print in the Toronto area.

The Giveaway

Last year I did a giveaway for the first blogiversary, and plan to continue with the same tradition this year. Over the course of this past year, there were four giveaway’s in total in which mostly books and gift cards were given away. I enjoy giving back to the readers, and offering something in return as my way of saying – THANK YOU! Without your readership, commenting and questions, this blog would be one very dull place.Thank you for all the support and being here today in celebration of the two year blogiversary.

So, here’s this year’s giveaway, which is open to everyone in United States or Canada. Please enter through the rafflecopter giveaway thingy!

Also please ensure you enter in honest fashion, as the winners will be cross-checked for their honest support at the end of the giveaway.

  1. Apple iPad 16GB (2nd Generation) w/Personalized Message (valued $400)
  2. Simply Investing Course – Online (valued at $347) – More about the course here
  3. $25 Amazon Gift Card
  4. $15 Amazon Gift Card
  5. The Wealthy Barber Returns Book
  6. Millionaire Teacher Book
  7. Saving & Investing for Canadians Book


  1. Congrats Eddie on your blog turning two. If it’s anything like me, the time has flown by.

    I’m sure you’ve produced at least 4 times as much content as I have in the past 2 years – you’re very consistent! I’ll see if I can be the first person to enter your contest!
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  2. Great giveaway! Congrats on 2 years. And I’ve been thinking about switching my income reports to percentages instead, but it seems like everyone is so interested now and people might not be happy if I switched haha
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  3. Congrats on the 2nd year! Those are some great stats and you’ve certainly done a great job.

    I’d love a chance to win the iPad simply because I don’t own one and my wife and I are thinking about buying one as our Christmas present. It would certainly save me a few hundred dollars, so I couldn’t complain! :)
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  4. Financial Samurai says:

    I’m super pumped for you Eddie! You have made the investments and are tenacious! There is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to grow with your positive attitude. I can’t wait for when you cross the year 3 mark.

    I like that most popular post too!


    Financial Samurai recently posted..Who Should Get A Black Card? Probably Not You!My Profile

  5. Congrats on two years and great numbers! Great job on the handling of income as well. I am very like minded and is not my style to be sharing something like that. Thanks as well for an awesome giveaway!
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  6. Woohoo, 2 years! Congrats

  7. Happy 2 years of blogging! I enjoy your posts as I’m always looking to learn more about money management and investing.

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    We just hit six months, but I’m feeling pretty committed to two years and then seeing if we’re still having as much fun with it as we are now.
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  12. Congrats on the anniversary – it seems a lot of bloggers either burn out or run out of things to say at around that point – keep up the energy.

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    Congrats on your second year!

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