TEN AWESOME Things Blogging Has Taught Me

Blogging, Inspiration, Finance Fox, Finance, MoneyIt’s coming up to one year since I’ve been blogging and I am pretty stoked.  This one year blogging journey has been nothing less of exciting, educating and opportunistic. Essentially blogging has become part of my life. One year down and no end in sight. I love the aspect of having a place to go to and write about anything I want. Despite the high demand of time blogging seeks from you, I love having my life documented this way. It gives my valued readers an opportunity to be part of life and see the highs and lows of my life. I love blogging and despite being the new kid on the block, blogging has taught me a lot.

Anyhow without further ado, here are TEN AWESOME THINGS blogging has taught me:

1. I don’t discuss my blog all that much to real-life friends. Simply put, they just don’t get it. In the beginning I kept it low-key, then opened up to some and they just didn’t get it. They simply did not care. They just don’t get my obsession with blogging. (Sad, I know!)

2. Lifelong relationships are formed. Blogosphere is full of talented, creative, awesome and quite helpful people. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some pretty amazing bloggers in real life, most are like they are online and others surprise you (in a good way).

3. When you’re blogging time flies. Next thing you realize it’s 1am and you got to be up in 5hrs to go to work. But, there is more. When you’re blogging, you are not only writing, but rather doing a number of things. You are writing, emailing, reading other blogs, tweeting and anything else in between. Got to clean the house? Do laundry? Cook dinner? Nah, I’d rather be blogging and somehow blogging always comes first.

4. Opportunities are endless. When I started blogging roughly a year ago, I never thought I’d be writing this post a year later. In fact I did not take it seriously at all. Who would want to read what I have to say? Man, was I wrong! Not only have I learned a lot about blogging and become a bit of techie (wordpress), but my writing has improved drastically and I’ve been fortunate enough to have made a decent side income as well. Money aside though, opportunities are there for taking, guest posts, freelance writing, inspiring others, advertising income, product and book reviews and even opportunities to write your own little book or e-book.

5. I heart comments. They make me happy and at times give me the necessary inspiration to keep going forward. They put a smile on face, because someone has taken the time out their life to read what I have to say and share their two-cents with me.

6.  Talent & more talent everywhere. Seriously though, there is some seriously talented bloggers out there. For me this transfers into inspiration and education. I love free education. The serious talent push me to work harder, continue to improve my writing skills and continue to learn more about PF and blogging as a whole.

7. Full support network. It’s amazing how relationships formed with other bloggers online or real life come handy. I always have someone there, whether its a second opinion I need, more inspiration, critique or just someone to vent with, there is always someone out there. Thank you all, for being there.

8. I’ve learned to keep a pad handy and write down all my ideas, thoughts and anything else that will inspire me to write a quality post. Who would have thought I’d become so disciplined? Who me? Never! But I have become just that.

9. Sometimes blogging is tough. There are ideas and real-life happenings that bring out different emotions out of you, most of the time good and other times not so good. I’ve learned how to censor my self. There are “real-life” peeps who read my blog and sometimes the best of posts can’t get published. I’ll gladly take a back seat and pass on those confrontations. I prefer a drama-free life.

10. Finally I am going to admit this; I’ve become a blogging addict. I’ve been known to skip out on dinners, social events, family functions and forgo certain aspects of my life in order to get on twitter to see the latest happenings, write a post, answer emails & comment back. Yeah, I’m a full addict with no need for help to curing my addiction.




  1. I like para 3 the best!  

  2. Congrats on making it past the year mark.  It is amazing to me how true your lessons ring for me.  Comments are my crack! lol Besides blogging I have an entire side business running OTHER sites, something that I would never have even understood prior to running My Journey to Millions.

    keep up the fantastic work. 

  3. I can related to para 8 the most! I have a small pen and paper in my pocket always, some of the best ideas i’ve come up with for writing int he past have been thought of on airplanes, trams, taxis you name it.
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