A Few Things More Important Than Money

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I’m the first one to admit that I like money, and most things that come associated with money. In fact there are very few things today that don’t require money. We’re even paying money to use some public washrooms, something that once was free requires you to pay $2 per use. Ever since the 2008 […]

Money Will Change You

money will change you

What is it about money that drives us crazy? We work hard for it, some of us kill for it, some envy it, some hate having anything to do with it, most of us look down our noses at it, and yet it’s a tool that makes the world go round. Money, as we know […]

How Do We Measure Success?

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This post that I’m about to write is a pretty deep one. I suppose for today we can call it the personal deep journey. When someone asks me this question call “Why?”, it completely boggles me. I look back at the direction in life which I took and wonder why did I take this direction? […]

Sense of Entitlement


I’ve always known that selfish, rude, arrogant and shallow people exist. When I truly think about it, I have the pleasure to encounter people like this everyday. Just walk into any Starbucks or Indigo and you’ll soon see people like this. Actually scratch that….you don’t need to look outside of your current circle. I’m certain […]

Sunday Link Charity # 7 – Vegas & LA Edition!

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  It’s been a relatively busy last few days. Mostly because I’m on the road for work and I am definitely out of my daily routine. Part of me feels weird, and another part of me feels that I’m lucky to be in warmer weather. I arrived in Las Vegas last Thursday, for my annual […]