Budget Holidays in Canada

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Everyone goes on holiday and we all know that holidays can be expensive so I’ve put some ideas together that could help you think about getting away locally in Canada for cheap instead of flying out internationally. Whether you want a city break, or a countryside getaway, Canada can offer you everything you desire. Not […]

Going on Vacation When in Debt?


In the personal finance community, there seems to be many common debates: buying new cars versus a used car, self employment and whether it is for you, and whether you should go on a vacation when you are in debt. Now that the warmer weather has passed (for some of us), you might be thinking […]

If You’re Traveling, Don’t Forget To Pack Travel Insurance


Finding a flight with an attractive fare is tough enough these days. On top of the far you’ll more than likely pay additional taxes, surcharges, and baggage handling fees, the last thing you’re looking to do is spend more money by adding travel insurance to your already expensive trip. You’re not alone though, according to […]

Airline’s Charge to Check Bags = One Big Cash Grab

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  Recently I just returned from a ten day business trip on which I had the got quite  acquainted with airports, fees, customs and everything else in between. Essentially airports became my second home, outside of the hotel rooms. Despite a pretty smooth trip overall, I had the pleasure of paying $25 to check my […]

FINCON11 Trip Recap


I’ve arrived back from Chicago to good ole Toronto. I spent the weekend at the first Financial Bloggers Conference with about 280 financial bloggers collaborating on different topics, trends and ideas affecting the financial blogosphere. If I were to sum it up in in two words, I would definitely say that the conference was a; […]