Sunday Link Charity # 27 – I’m Sorry, I’ve Been Too Busy!


Well it was a fairly busy week around here, and to add on top of things today will be the seventh straight day that I’ve been working. I ended up landing a contract for a job this weekend with my other side business, therefore I’ve been going strong for the last two days. Friday night […]

Sunday Link Charity # 26 – Rainy Toronto Weekend

Meghan Fox is hoooot!! :) :)

This weekend was filled with rain here in Toronto, but I managed to squeeze some fun in anyways.  On Friday I ended up going to the movies, and watched “The Dictator” for the second time in as many weeks.  Ever since this movie came out, few different people hollered at me to catch the movie.  […]

Sunday Link Charity #25 – Improving At Golf Can Be Tough, But Not Impossible!

Golfer Waiting to Tee off

Golf is a sport that is very special to me, and a sport that requires a lot of my patience, precision, and repetition. I’ve been playing Golf for almost 8 years now, and this was the first year that I said to to myself; “I want to take my game to the next level.” In […]

Sunday Link Charity #24 – Victoria Day Long Weekend Edition!


Welcome to the long weekend – Victoria Day falls on May 21st this year, and is a public holiday observed across Canada. May 24 long weekend as referred to by that name by most celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday, which was May 24, and is always on a Monday. This weekend also marks the beginning of […]

Sunday Link Charity # 23 – Mothers Day 2012 Edition!


To all you moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! There is no more important job in the world than that of being a mother. I’ve been blessed with a great Mom, a beautiful soul, and the hardest working person I know. Work? Nothing comes close to the work a mother puts in to raising her […]