Proof Is in the Pudding: Marketing Does Work!

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Marketing does work and the proof is in the pudding! Recently I wrote a guest post at a friends blog titled, “Maybe you don’t need that iPad.” The whole idea behind the post was to focus on the personal finance aspect of buying an iPad through asking yourself questions such as, “Do I really need […]

Change is Good – Glad I Switched to an iPhone

iphone 4s, iphone, apple

As you may know a few weeks ago the new Apple iPhone 5 was released, and the buzz has been anything but short of overwhelming. It’s a good thing for Apple, but not so much for the consumers because at a cost of more than $700, it’s anything but cheap. If you’re a techy geek […]

Are Daily Deals Actually Deals?

groupon, daily deals, group buying

Many people have purchased a daily deal. There are several big daily deal websites out there right now, and the numbers of these sites continue to keep on growing and expanding. Groupon, Living Social and all the other countless sites are counting on you to buy their numerous deals. You buy this “deal” at usually […]

Gentlemen, How Much Would You Spend On An Engagment Ring?

engagement ring, wedding, wedding ring

For all of you guys out there thinking of popping the question for the first time or maybe some of you are planning to pop the question again, I’d like to know how much would you spend on an engagement ring? There are many theories on how much you should dish out, but the oldest […]

What Would You do With an Extra $1,000 Dollars?

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Yesterday I got an email from Ramit Sethi who asked “What would you do with an extra $1,000?” And in case you don’t know who Ramit Sethi is – he’s the successful blogger/personal finance guru behind The email made me think for a second and reflect on what I’d do with an extra 1,000 […]