Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Catching Up and 11 Money Reads You Might Have Misssed


This week was a little nuts for me. It was my first full week back to the grind since I got back from vacation. I found my self not only catching up at work, but also heavily catching up here at Finance Fox. Being away from everything and not touching your phone, computer or checking […]

Are You Happy With Your Employee Group Health Insurance Coverage?

health insurance, group insurance, private insurance

Majority of Canadians are part of some form of group health insurance coverage. Over ten years ago, group health insurance was only gaining popularity. Today group health insurance coverage is offered by the majority of employers in Canada. As of 2008  nearly 75% of Canadians had some kind of health insurance to cover supplemental medical […]

I Haven’t Paid a TV Cable Bill In Almost 3 Years, And I’m Not About To Give Up On TV Watching Either!

television, TV, cable, cable TV

For those of you that don’t know me by my first name – I’m Eddie, and in three months it will be 3 years since I last paid for cable TV. I’m certain that after you read the first 32 words in the article that you assumed that I’m either participating in some sort of […]

Getting Rich Is A Two Sided Equation


Budgeting – a nine letter word that majority of the people hate. I’m different in the sense than the majority. I’ve never been the type to follow the crowd or a crowd please-er. I am uniquely “me”, different from you and from the rest of the majority out there. One key difference about me is […]

Thirft Stores Are For Everyday People

value village, thrift store, discount store, money, save, saving

Yesterday I drove by my local Value Village Thrift Store who had a massive sign about a store-wide sale of 50% off everything in store. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to stop in and check out the sale. Most Thrift stores in my vicinity (and there are three or four) have a 50% off […]