Saving Money Daily by Living Thrifty in 2013


Let’s face it. Saving money by living thrifty is anything but sexy to the average person. Most despise the words “frugal” and “living thrifty”, but living by these values can actually make your life more enjoyable, satisfying and simpler in all aspects of life. Living thrifty does not only entail clipping coupons and scouring the […]

Proof Is in the Pudding: Marketing Does Work!

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Marketing does work and the proof is in the pudding! Recently I wrote a guest post at a friends blog titled, “Maybe you don’t need that iPad.” The whole idea behind the post was to focus on the personal finance aspect of buying an iPad through asking yourself questions such as, “Do I really need […]

8 Amazing Ways to Save on Car Insurance

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There are certainly many different ways to save on car insurance, yet sometimes we fail to utilize all of our available options. Equally there are also many articles that are geared towards helping you save on car insurance, but which savings options are the best? How do we know whether they’re true and not just […]

Should You Use Coupons on a First Date?

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Dating can be hard, especially if you’ve been out of touch with the dating world for awhile. There are so many things to think about, with a lot of issues and events revolving around money. Dating can be very expensive. Between spending money trying to find the person who you want to date (such as […]

First-time Home Buyer Help: How to put Money back in Your Pocket

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As a new buyer, saving for your very first home can be a challenging task, especially if you’re hoping to purchase in a big city like Toronto or Vancouver where real estate prices have hit record levels. Finding the lowest mortgage rate can help reduce the monthly mortgage costs, however, you still need to save […]