How to Stop using ATMs

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      I have been using the ATM system ever since I had my first bank account, dating back to 1995.  In those younger days, unfortunately I was dumb enough and used any bank’s ATM or those quick convenient ATMs on the go, in the malls, grocery stores and gas stations. Part of it […]

Now! Moonlight Your Way to Six Figures of Savings!


  We all have dreams of saving enough money and to have less worries on rainy days. But what is enough? We all have different goals, dreams, aspirations and wants. With that being said, our goals will very much be different of how much we need and want to save. For many of us, the […]

Personal Finance Bloggers & What They Taught Us


  For today’s post, I’ve decided to put together in collaboration with some friends from the world of PF blogosphere. Despite the fact I wanted this be a collaboration to be bigger with more points, from many other PF bloggers, I’ve managed to come up this. I guess the rest of them must have been […]



  Month of March is here and we all know what that means! We are one step closer to winter ending. Technically including today, we have only 16 days left until Spring begins (March 20/2011). Aren’t you excited? Heck, I am! Can not wait for spring/summer weather. Either way, I came across a few great […]

Would You: Consider a Shorter Mortgage Term?


  If you own a home and were offered a shorter mortgage term, would you do it? Let’s say that the shortest mortgage term was cut down to 25 years, down 5 years from the maximum amortization period of 30 years, which currently stands.  If you answered “YES” to having a shorter mortgage term, well […]