Should You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

preneptual agreement, prenup, wedding, marriage

When I say “prenup” what do you think? Some of you may squirm and say that if someone needs one, then it is not a true marriage because you should be able to completely trust the person whom you are marrying. Many also think that it kills the romance in the marriage because you are […]

Money Mistakes in Your Relationship

money mistakes, relationships, couples, finances

Whether you’ve been living with your significant other for 1 month or 10 years, money in a relationship is a hot topic. If you are new in the relationship though, you are still learning the others ways and still adjusting to a new money situation. I’m sure we’ve all had them. If you’re in a […]

Who Wears the Financial Pants In Your Relationship?

financial pants cycling

I’m pretty certain that most of you know that I’m not married, and if you didn’t know….well now you do! That being said, I don’t have a personal wedding or relationship story to share about who wears the financial pants in my relationship, however I’m curious to know about your relationship, and who wears the […]

Younger Men Prefer Mature Women

cougar, older woman, younger man, dating older women, cougars, cougar town, courtney cox

Women today are deciding to go against the normalcy of the dating rules their parents faced over thirty years ago. More women are braving the “cougar” and “cradle robber” jokes and are diving into the exciting world of dating younger men. And the young bucks aren’t complaining about it either. Older women dating younger men […]

What Dating Etiquette? Coupons Are Sexy On First Dates!


Looking to impress your next date? Simply use a coupon. Yes, you read that right, coupons are sexy even on first dates. Money can be tight at times in the uncertain times we live in, and coupons are a perfect way to offset some of the dinner cost on a first date. Perhaps you’re not […]