Should You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

preneptual agreement, prenup, wedding, marriage

When I say “prenup” what do you think? Some of you may squirm and say that if someone needs one, then it is not a true marriage because you should be able to completely trust the person whom you are marrying. Many also think that it kills the romance in the marriage because you are […]

Worth Spending $10K on the Engagement Ring? Apparently, Yes!

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Eddie is a cool dude. I also think all of you, his readers, are pretty smart, I know a lot of you and I respect your opinions for the most part. However, he recently wrote about how much men should spend on engagement rings and he’s in the group that thinks that men should go […]

Should You Have Separate Finances?

joint accounts, joint money, couples finances

Whether you just got married or you’re living together, the topic of finances is a big subject to discuss. There’s also a big chance that everything between the two of you is not exactly equal. Someone probably has less or more debt, has a higher salary, likes to save, and the list is endless. It […]

Gentlemen, How Much Would You Spend On An Engagment Ring?

engagement ring, wedding, wedding ring

For all of you guys out there thinking of popping the question for the first time or maybe some of you are planning to pop the question again, I’d like to know how much would you spend on an engagement ring? There are many theories on how much you should dish out, but the oldest […]

Financial Infidelity – A Growing Concern On The Rise

financial infidelity, marriage, money, relationships

Nearly 60% of women, and 50% of men admit to some form of financial infidelity. Furthermore, nearly 25% of women admit to fibbing about individual purchases, and nearly 50% more women than men are more likely to hide receipts on purchases according to a survey hosted by and  which surveyed over 23,000 readers […]