Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Long Weekend Rambling & 6 Awesome Reads You Might Have Missed

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So I was trying to figure out what exactly to do this long weekend and couldn’t come up with much? But then again, there’s a lot to do without much planning to begin with. So, I started my long weekend off with this: Tee off time was 8am with my brother, as we missed the […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap: 10 Great Reads You Might Have Missed

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I’m certain that most of you knew that yesterday was Friday the 13. It also happens to be the third Friday the 13 this year. Coincidence? I think not, however twenty-eight more years will go by before we see another three-peat of Friday the 13 in a single year.  There are people in this world […]

Stat Holidays Are the Reason Why I Want To Strangle The Easter Bunny!

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Presently in Canada there are approximately 200 departments, agencies, commissions, crown corporations and councils that create over 500,000 civil servant jobs in Canada. Civil servants are hard working people, but than again who isn’t in today’s modern society. One thing that differs civil servants from the majority of the Canadian workforce is the amount of […]

Sunday Link Chairty # 11 – Family Day Long Weekend Edition!

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Thank god for the long weekend. I’m unsure about you, but it’s much needed here. For those of you outside of Ontario, Family Day is the third Monday of February and observed as statutory holiday  three Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day and it’s Islander Day in Prince Edward […]


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Finally the long-weekend is here and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just crossing my fingers that the good weather holds up, because over the past week it’s been depressing here in Toronto with all the rain. Did you know, we only got 9 hours of sunshine in the last week? That’s  unheard […]