Sunday Link Charity # 23 – Mothers Day 2012 Edition!


To all you moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! There is no more important job in the world than that of being a mother. I’ve been blessed with a great Mom, a beautiful soul, and the hardest working person I know. Work? Nothing comes close to the work a mother puts in to raising her […]

Sunday Link Charity #21 – End of a Successful Month of April!


Happy weekend y’all. After another crazy busy week, the weekend is here and I couldn’t be more glad to have some down time. This also happens to be the last weekend as the month of April slowly comes to an end. Never the less it was a successful month for me because a lot happened. […]

Sunday Link Charity # 16 – Uncertainty Edition


We all go through uncertain times in our lives. When we buy our first home – we wait in uncertainty of getting financed for it. When we test drive that new car, followed by a visit with a business manager to determine whether we qualify for financing – we wait in uncertainty. We visit the […]

Weekend Links: July 15/2011


This week has been extremely busy. Between work, soccer and Finance Fox, I am definitely glad the weekend is here. That being said, it wont slow down anytime soon, but should be a fun weekend never the less. I decided to take my cousins to the beach for the day and will be going to […]

WEEKEND LINKS – Get Out of Debt Edition

Cash-Debt-Saving-Finance Fox

After a short, quick and awfully busy week for me, another weekend is here again. Aside from a busy personal life, I’ve worked hard over the course of this month to make some new improvements on Finance Fox. I’ve incorporated Finance Fox live via Facebook, so please don’t be shy and follow me, as it […]