What was Your First Job? What Did You Take Away From It?

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Even though the employment market is slowly improving, the job opportunities for young people out of school remain pretty tight. Part of this is due to the economic times we live in today, and big part is due those who are supposed to be retiring aren’t retiring due to debt crisis, improper spending and lack […]

Social Media and Your Job

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Whether you accept it or not, social media has some form of an effect on your job. Are you truly careful with what you put on the internet? Some think that their employers don’t care about their social media profiles, but you should probably think again. Whether you work with social media as your job, […]

How Do You Tip?

how much do you tip? , service , jobs, waiter, dinner, restaurant

Photo Credit:  John Storey/The Chronicle Earlier this week I got talking with a friend on the etiquette surrounding tipping, and the proper course when dealing with service industry in general. We mutually agreed that we both tip the servers at sit-down dinners and  at hair salons after a haircut. This conversation made me think, and […]

Thinking of Going Back to Former Employer – Would You?

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You’re working away and possibly have been with your existing employer for months or even years and out of the blue you get the phone call – your ex-employer wants you back. More money, bigger promises and lavish rewards are all up for grabs, if you come back. Now you’re in a little bit of a […]

How I Quit My Job and Never Looked Back

I wanted to share with you, my personal story on how I quit my first job. Some of you may think, that I’m fairly young and don’t have any true work experience to give full fledged career advice. And you are probably right. I wouldn’t disagree with you on that one. However, like any other […]