Hard to Get Excited About a 0.05% Return


Big banks have been around for 150 years and are the place where most Canadians go to save their money. They offer us all sorts of different accounts to save our hard earned money. One problem though! How can anyone get excited about a 0.05% return on their savings? Even kids know that’s a brutal […]

Are 2.99% Mortgages Worth It?

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  Bank of Montreal did the unthinkable to attract new mortgage customers by dropping their pants on the five-year fixed mortgage with an ultra low 2.99% interest rate. Something that was simple unheard of before. January, which  is a traditionally sluggish month for mortgage sales has sparked other banks to follow suit. A few days […]

5 Rules to Teach Your Kids About Credit Cards

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  Growing up, I was always kept on the other side. Not intentionally of course, but due to lack of proper education. I never had the heart-to-heart conversation with my parents about credit cards. My parents never believed in credit cards, debt or even liked the idea of buy now and pay later. They always […]

Goodbye Credit-Card Debt – 347 Days Later!

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I started Finance Fox around the same time I had enough with my current debt situation. Being $9,000 in debt is not something to laugh about. Despite that a lot of people in today’s society consider that amount of debt to be the norm. I did too, for years. Then I wanted change. I wanted […]

Are You Car Poor?

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There are a lot of people I know who are car poor, fortunately for me,  I’m not one of them. Sad reality is that none of these people are aware that they are car poor. Instead they live on this high of driving a fancy set of wheels, while they allow the fancy set of […]