Hard to Get Excited About a 0.05% Return


Big banks have been around for 150 years and are the place where most Canadians go to save their money. They offer us all sorts of different accounts to save our hard earned money. One problem though! How can anyone get excited about a 0.05% return on their savings? Even kids know that’s a brutal […]

Upcoming Mortgage Renewal? Use a Mortgage Broker!

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I purchased my first property over three years ago. The overall experience was a pretty smooth one. I signed the deal to buy a my first property,  put down my deposit, and through the good help of my Realtor, I was pre-approved for a mortgage. The only thing left to do, was that I had […]

Are 2.99% Mortgages Worth It?

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  Bank of Montreal did the unthinkable to attract new mortgage customers by dropping their pants on the five-year fixed mortgage with an ultra low 2.99% interest rate. Something that was simple unheard of before. January, which  is a traditionally sluggish month for mortgage sales has sparked other banks to follow suit. A few days […]

5 Rules to Teach Your Kids About Credit Cards

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  Growing up, I was always kept on the other side. Not intentionally of course, but due to lack of proper education. I never had the heart-to-heart conversation with my parents about credit cards. My parents never believed in credit cards, debt or even liked the idea of buy now and pay later. They always […]

Million Dollar Question: Should I Use My Savings To Pay Down Debt or Fund My Retirement Plan?

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This million dollar question that has been asked over and over again. Everyone wants to know. At some point your friends or family asked. Media has debated this golden question many times. Even your advisor has shared their two cents on this issue. Everyone wants to know. There are many different answers, depending on who […]