4 Avoidable Money Mistakes


When it comes to money, there are avoidable money mistakes no matter whom you are or at what age. Most of us are aware of basic personal finance rules to negotiate, comparison shop, avoid debt, save money and live within your means. Despite these basic rules of success with money, sometimes we get careless and […]

8 Amazing Ways to Save on Car Insurance

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There are certainly many different ways to save on car insurance, yet sometimes we fail to utilize all of our available options. Equally there are also many articles that are geared towards helping you save on car insurance, but which savings options are the best? How do we know whether they’re true and not just […]

Your Home Insurance No-Claims Bonus: What it’s Worth and How to Protect It!

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A no-claims bonus or discount is basically recognition by the home insurance industry that you have managed to keep your house safe for at least a year and may be rewarded for that fact by getting a slightly lower premium than you would have if you had made a claim. The more years you manage […]

Not Another 10 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

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We all want to minimize our insurance premiums – car, house, life insurance, all of them. Even those of us that are life insurance brokers aren’t adverse to making sure our premiums are as low as they can be. With other types of insurance such as car and home, there’s a variety of ways we […]

Have You Ever Lent Your Car?

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Over the weekend I got talking with a friend over beers, and somehow we got onto the topic of lending your car to a family member, friends or significant other. We both mutually agreed that we’d never lend our cars to anyone for two reasons – We don’t trust anyone driving our cars, and we […]