Lessons Learned From 3 Years as a Home Owner

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Three years ago this past September I bought my first home, and in the process made the biggest financial decision of my life. I can honestly attest that my home purchased has been the best decision of my life, and something that I’ve embraced whole hardheartedly. As a home owner over the past four years […]

Saving Money on Home Renovations

home renovations, saving money on home renovations

Whether you are buying a house with the sole intention of flipping it for a profit, or if you just would like to renovate the house you have now, home renovations can be very expensive. Everyone knows that the real estate market is still in a slump and that the government, market research analysts and […]

Maybe Home Ownership Isn’t For You

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Buying a home is  probably the biggest financial and emotional decision you will ever make. Preparing your self for home ownership financially is only one part of the battle, but even before dwelling into the finances, deciding on whether home ownership is your cup of tea should be ‘numero uno’ task for any homeowner to […]

4 Investing Rules – Rule # 1 – Better to be a Home Owner Versus Renting

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  Few months ago, I wrote a series of posts called: 7 Tactics to Financial Liberty.  I thought it would be a good idea to share my own four investing rules. I’m no investment whiz or a financial advisor, in fact I’m far from both. So, these rules are my own and that I run […]

Owning a Home versus Renting

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  Owning a home in our society today is a much simpler task, than it was twenty years ago. There are many mortgage options, Realtors, mortgage brokers, financial institutions and other services, eargerly waiting to get your business. It’s common knowledge, that owning a home is a better solution than renting. Right? I think so. […]