4 Avoidable Money Mistakes


When it comes to money, there are avoidable money mistakes no matter whom you are or at what age. Most of us are aware of basic personal finance rules to negotiate, comparison shop, avoid debt, save money and live within your means. Despite these basic rules of success with money, sometimes we get careless and […]

Mortgage Comparison – Easy as 1-2-3

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Canadian’s continue to enjoy some of the lowest mortgage rates ever recorded. While there’s no clear indication on when the rates will turn the corner towards an upswing, most (myself included) are considering to refinance their home loans. I only have 1.5 years left on my current mortgage term, so it’s natural for myself to […]

How Debt Consolidation Can Save You Money

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When you have debt, it can be difficult to know where to begin when paying it off. One of the ways to get beyond that is to use a technique known as debt consolidation to make your debt more manageable – and even to save you money over the long run. Two Ways to Consolidate […]

What was Your First Big Purchase?


Hello everyone. It’s been slow lately on my end, and in my many daily ventures of reading other blogs and newspapers, I thought about bigger purchases we make in life. So, I wanted to share with you my first big purchase was, and at the same time find out about yours was as well. Call […]

Debt Freedom With One Simple Rule

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If you want to get free from debt, there’s one simple rule you’ll have to stick to – and that is to spend less than you earn. That’s it! Now this may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but it comes as a surprise to many people. You read so much these […]