Get Your Free Credit Report – Honestly, it’s FREE!

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  I promise I’m not making this up. There is no catch here, just an honest dude passing along some quality information on getting your free credit report. I’m sure you’re thinking, “there is nothing free, what’s the catch?”, and I assure you there is no catch. Getting your credit report is free and available […]

What’s Up With The Debt Settlement Ads?

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  Everyone enjoys getting out and spending a buck or two. Some of us spend responsibly and others spend their money as if it grows on trees. Money actually does grow on trees for some, others imagine that it does and for some, like my self, I know my money does not grow on trees. […]

4 Credit Card Commandments

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Whether you are in credit card debt or living credit card debt free (like me now), there are four key credit card commandments for every credit card holder at any age. It is important to eliminate your credit card debt or any debt for that matter, but taking full advantage of your credit card is […]

How to Increase Your Credit Score!


Credit score; hard to live without it. Its a number, probably outside of your social insurance number that defines you. At least it defines to the possible creditor, whether you will get that new car or the home you are looking to purchase. So, how do you actually increase your credit score? It’s not an […]

Canadian vs. U.S. Credit Cards: 10 Differences & Similarities

Note: This is a guest post written by Mike who is the founder of the deal and review site It’s a social community for talking about all things related to credit cards, both the good and bad that come with them.   As someone who runs a forum about credit cards, I see a […]