Sometimes You Just Can’t Win, Even When Merchants Offer a Cash Discount!

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So, over the weekend I was pumping gas, and when I went inside to pay I noticed the local gas-station had a big sign up promoting a cash discount – “Pay in cash, and receive a 2 cent off per liter off of your total gas purchase – NO Credit”. This is a decent cash […]

Sunday Link Charity # 17

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled post with this week’s edition of Sunday Link Charity #17. This past week was nothing short of a zoo for me. And with last week behind me, I’m looking forward to a four day work week this week and the long weekend (Good Friday). I’m also stoked for the upcoming baseball […]

Insurance Comparison Done Differently – Interview with Co-Founder of InsurEye


Every month I will seek out expert advice to help consumers make better decisions pertaining to personal finance with the newly launched section – PF TALK. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed conducting them. Enjoy. The older that we get the more that insurance becomes the topic of discussion. Often […]

5 Advantages of Comparing Products Online

Savvy shoppers know that it makes no sense to simply purchase an item in the first store they come to. The intelligent way to find the best product for the least amount of money is to comparison shop. Comparison shopping used to mean running from store to store comparing items in stock, but today’s consumer […]

Comparison of Popular Methods of Borrowing Money


Every so often we run into a situation that we must rely on some form of credit. We’re not perfect, and life sometimes throws us unexpected curve-balls. Unexpected happens, the roof needs to be replaced, car needs to be repaired or a family emergency arises that make us go out and seek some much needed […]