How To Crush Credit Card Debt in 347 Days!

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You’ll notice I talk a lot about debt and how to get out of it on Finance Fox. Probably because debt was one of the the key reasons I even started blogging. In almost two years of blogging I’ve come pretty far with money, and became debt free. I look at money in a whole […]

10 Signs You Need Help With Money

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Can a one-month financial makeover solve all your money problems? Probably not. Money is one of those subjects that requires our constant monitoring and adjusting. Even when on auto mode, some money management is necessary.  Many young couples and singletons from across the country are finding themselves struggling financially. They have a job, earn a […]

Get Your Free Credit Report – Honestly, it’s FREE!

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  I promise I’m not making this up. There is no catch here, just an honest dude passing along some quality information on getting your free credit report. I’m sure you’re thinking, “there is nothing free, what’s the catch?”, and I assure you there is no catch. Getting your credit report is free and available […]

Thinking of Getting My First Business Credit Card

  I’ve been thinking for the past few months of getting my first business credit-card. Between running a part-time business and my blogging business, there come times when I have to use a credit-card to make purchases. It’s easy to make purchases, but separating my business and personal transactions gets pretty confusing at times. Far […]

Select A Credit Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

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    Faithful readers – most of you know that I paid off my credit-card debt in October of this year. The journey was tough and it took me 347 days to pay back the debt, but the feeling inside once it was all paid back is simply indescribable. Since my financial situation has improved, […]