Should You Use Coupons on a First Date?

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Dating can be hard, especially if you’ve been out of touch with the dating world for awhile. There are so many things to think about, with a lot of issues and events revolving around money. Dating can be very expensive. Between spending money trying to find the person who you want to date (such as […]

What Dating Etiquette? Coupons Are Sexy On First Dates!


Looking to impress your next date? Simply use a coupon. Yes, you read that right, coupons are sexy even on first dates. Money can be tight at times in the uncertain times we live in, and coupons are a perfect way to offset some of the dinner cost on a first date. Perhaps you’re not […]

Canadian Extreme Couponing, Is There Such A Thing?

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  I’m sure you’ve seen an episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing, or at the very least heard about. You know, when a shopper (typically a female) walks into a store, and buys $550 worth of groceries for just $5.75. Whopping savings of 95.7%. So, you continue to watch the show, and sit there in disbelief […]

Group Buying Hot? I Think Not!


Group buying has become pretty popular. Quite a few people I know have dabbled into the group buying phenomenon.  Their heart leaps when daily coupon offers come flooding into their email boxes. For only $30 you can get $70 worth of food at a trendy restaurant. Sounds like  hell of a deal, right? Well, I […]