Will You Sending Your Boss a Holiday Card?

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If you already haven’t, and with less then a week to go until Christmas, will you sending your boss a holiday card? Keeping professionalism in the office is pretty clear – you pickup the phone, reply to emails, update your peers through the phone, email or visiting someone’s office. But personal communication gets a little […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – 3 Weeks Till Christmas!

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There’s only three weeks remaining until Christmas, and the malls are ready for the shopping onslaught as shoppers begin to scramble. Myself included of course. There will be endless crowds, parking spot wars, and a lot of shoppers in panic mode trying to find the perfect gift. Can we say…..stressful? Thankfully my Christmas shopping list […]

Christmas Gift Guide For Your New Relationship

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Tis the season of giving and appropriately giving the right gift to your loved one can go a long way or fail miserably. This gift can say the world about you or it can become a ticking time bomb, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Shopping for a woman is hard enough for most […]