Employers Are Failing to Train Newly Hired Employees

training newly hired employees

Employers are failing to train newly hired employees and instead everything is being outsourced for someone else to deal with. In the process they’re eliminating a position and sometimes multiple positions at a time. Recently I attended a retirement party for a friends mother who retired at a very young age of 53. She worked […]

Will You Sending Your Boss a Holiday Card?

holiday cards

If you already haven’t, and with less then a week to go until Christmas, will you sending your boss a holiday card? Keeping professionalism in the office is pretty clear – you pickup the phone, reply to emails, update your peers through the phone, email or visiting someone’s office. But personal communication gets a little […]

What was Your First Job? What Did You Take Away From It?

McDonald's, first job, Canada

Even though the employment market is slowly improving, the job opportunities for young people out of school remain pretty tight. Part of this is due to the economic times we live in today, and big part is due those who are supposed to be retiring aren’t retiring due to debt crisis, improper spending and lack […]

Social Media and Your Job

twitter, social media, office, head office

Whether you accept it or not, social media has some form of an effect on your job. Are you truly careful with what you put on the internet? Some think that their employers don’t care about their social media profiles, but you should probably think again. Whether you work with social media as your job, […]

Do You Need a Career Change?

career change, career, job hunt, new job

Do you sit at your desk everyday and tick off the minutes until the end of the day? Maybe you look at job openings all day at a job that you dream about. Maybe you wish you could apply for Los Angeles nursing jobs or business jobs? Or maybe you believe that you are worth […]