Why Are Americans Clueless About Canada?

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I know you may be thinking that I’m being a little radical with today’s post by asking the question in the title – Why are Americans clueless about Canada? But it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I visit the United States anywhere from 8-10 times a year for business and […]

One Out of Ten Canadians No Longer Qualifies for a Mortgage

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Each year, the Canadian Accredited Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) releases a report on the state of the Canadian mortgage market. A startling number from the CAAMP report reveals that nearly one out of ten Canadians no longer qualify for a mortgage due to the new mortgage rules employed earlier this year. Buyers with less […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Best of Financial Literacy Month!


November is a fairly important month in my books, aside having a lot of birthdays to attend for some close friends throughout the month, November also happens to be Financial Literacy Month. Yes, this is a Canadian thing for all of my American friends who aren’t aware. This year’s Financial Literacy Month was a little […]

Stat Holidays Are the Reason Why I Want To Strangle The Easter Bunny!

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Presently in Canada there are approximately 200 departments, agencies, commissions, crown corporations and councils that create over 500,000 civil servant jobs in Canada. Civil servants are hard working people, but than again who isn’t in today’s modern society. One thing that differs civil servants from the majority of the Canadian workforce is the amount of […]

Do You Have A Debt Problem?


  We all have some form of debt. We have different forms of debt in different parts of our lives. Some of us work hard at eliminating this debt. Others are content with debt and continue to incur it. By no means am I Dr. Debt, but I’ve lived and learned the hard way of […]