Why Do You Budget?

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In my previous post I asked the question; Do you budget? This post got a fairly nice response in return, and 90% of you responded that you budget. Point taken, and take makes the majority of us on the same page. In this post I want to get behind the wall and find out the […]

Do You Budget?

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I’ve been budgeting for well over a year now, and I’ll admit that budgeting has become a big part of my life. Prior to becoming a budgeting nerd I never believed in budgets. I didn’t want to deprive, irritate or go through the hassle of budget up keep. A year later I believe budgets are […]

What Should You Spend On Groceries?


My grocery budget has seriously fluctuated over the past few months. I’ve tried to keep it steady by sticking to a monthly budget, yet somehow I always go over. Months ago I was able to stick to a budget and would even come under most of the time, however as of late it’s been a […]

7 Tactics To Financial Liberty – Tactic 3: Spending Adjustment

In September/October issue of MoneySense Magazine I read a pretty neat article called 11 Steps To Financial Freedom. Upon reading the article I thought it would be good to share my own results, but instead of going through 11 steps I condensed it down to what I call – 7 Tactics to Financial Liberty. You […]

Hobbies and their Expenses


Hobbies are an essential part of our lives. We enjoy doing hobbies that get us to be more active, mentally and physically. On top of it, you get the opportunity to network and meet new friends. The downside of hobbies is that there are costs associated with most of them. This is where you have to […]