Establishing Your Credit After Financial Difficulties

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Establishing your credit after financial difficulties is no easy feat. It’s time consuming and takes a lot of persistence. In today’s post-crisis economy, good credit isn’t just nice to have — it’s essential if you want to level the playing field with lenders. Until the financial crisis hit, a 720 FICO credit score was enough […]

How Debt Consolidation Can Save You Money

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When you have debt, it can be difficult to know where to begin when paying it off. One of the ways to get beyond that is to use a technique known as debt consolidation to make your debt more manageable – and even to save you money over the long run. Two Ways to Consolidate […]

What is a Short Term Loan?

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A short term loan was originally designed to lend a small amount of cash to consumers with the collateral being a check. However, over the last few years short term loans have evolved beyond the traditional lender storefronts, to having cash loans online from companies like Wonga, and even having small loans available from your […]

One Route To A Great Personal Loan


How can borrowers and those taking out a second mortgage get the best deal in today’s market? How can consumers know what the best type of personal loan for their scenario might be? Truthfully, it’s hard to tell at times as everyone and their mother is slashing rates in hopes of attracting customers. A borrower’s […]

Don’t Let Fear Sucker You Into Payment Protection


Let’s get something out in the open – financial institutions love to use fear in order to sucker people into signing up for products or service that you really don’t need. If you have a credit card, you’ve probably heard the pitch. It usually comes from a telemarketer, who tries to use fear by giving […]