A Few Points On Protecting Your Online Reputation

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I’m not the one to write so much about non-personal finance stuff. This after all is a personal finance blog, so I generally tend to leave other topics for the bloggers that write within that niche. However, every so often I like to dabble outside the personal finance realm, and today is one of those […]

Sunday Link Charity # 23 – Mothers Day 2012 Edition!


To all you moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! There is no more important job in the world than that of being a mother. I’ve been blessed with a great Mom, a beautiful soul, and the hardest working person I know. Work? Nothing comes close to the work a mother puts in to raising her […]

Some Foxy Updates & Additions

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If you’ve been following me here since my launch in 2010, you’ll notice I haven’t done many upgrades to the look of the blog. I’ve kept things simple for the most part. The layout has been the same for a while, even though I switched to a different WordPress theme six months after my launch. […]

Sunday Link Charity – Finished With Xmas Shopping Edition

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Only a week remaining until Xmas and I’m done my shopping. Pretty proud of my self actually and for good reasons – I did not procrastinate and leave things last minute and I stayed within my budget.Double whammy for me. Like I said last week, I’ve been sparse in the past with link love, but […]

Sunday Link Charity – Two Weeks Till Christmas

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Two weeks till Christmas and since its the season to give, I’ve decided to give some link love back to PF community. It’s been forever since I did my last Sunday link charity. I’ve just been swamped with work, life, playing soccer on different teams and everything else in between. I know it’s not an […]