Change is Good – Glad I Switched to an iPhone

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As you may know a few weeks ago the new Apple iPhone 5 was released, and the buzz has been anything but short of overwhelming. It’s a good thing for Apple, but not so much for the consumers because at a cost of more than $700, it’s anything but cheap. If you’re a techy geek like me (and I’m only a part-timer), you know that the iPhone is a brilliant device – a deluxe cellphone that has become a cultural icon. Trust me, the September 21st release date was treated globally as a major event. I think every TV news station, newspaper, radio and social network was buzzing about the launch of the iPhone 5 which supposedly is 20 percent lighter in weight then the previous iPhone 4s model and roughly 18 percent thinner.

Some improvement, but mostly cosmetic. Yet, the buzz was unbelievable as everyone was talking about it. So, what better way to find what all the buzz is about then get right in the action? I walked into my local Telus store and got greeted with a question before I was even able to set both feet through the door: “Are you looking for an iPhone 5?” I had this confused look on my face for a second, so instead of answering back I simply smiled and walked past the Telus sales-rep who was acting as the iPhone 5 door greeter -  think Walmart greeters, but younger.

After spending an hour in the Telus store, talking, comparing and crunching numbers, I walked out with a new iPhone.

Little Background

I spent the past 7 years as a loyal BlackBerry user, who loved the simplicity of having a device that delivered my emails, offered me free text like messaging with other BlackBerry users, and I didn’t have to rely on a touch screen, but rather typed my emails and text messages with a true keyboard. But my loyalty began to fade over the last year. Blackberry is in the dumps, and who knows if it will ever regain it’s true form. They’re losing money left and right, and most recently posted a $250 million loss, which was the 4th or 5th consecutive losing quarter for the company. No offense to Blackberry, I’d love for them to survive, mostly due to the Canadian job market and the fact that they’re a symbol of Canada. However, reality is different, and as much as I hope that they get their shit together, I think their days are numbered. Vulchers as I like to call em are circling, and are looking to buy the company, so don’t be surprised if Microsoft or IBM or even Google step up and buy the Canadian icon.

Despite spending 7 loyal years with Blackberry, I just couldn’t take it anymore. So, I made the switch, joined the dark side and bought a new iPhone.

Why I Didn’t Stay With BlackBerry

Blackberry for me has been a superior phone in terms of the most common things I do on a phone email and SMS. I didn’t need all the latest gadgets, apps, or other fancy additions that come with most smart phones today. Despite wanting to keep things simple, I also was starting to get frustrated with my Blackberry. Sure it was old-er, but there was more than age for me not buying a new BlackBerry and jumping ship.

  • BlackBerry is slow.  Compared to Android and Apple’s iPhone, the speed is nowhere near compared to it’s competition. The load times on the phone and the network generally take longer.
  • Frequent reboots. The phone would frequently freeze. Sure it was old, but  I had to reboot it every couple of days.
  • Poor apps.  When apps first became a big thing, everyone was making apps for BlackBerry and iPhone users. As years went on, BlackBerry started to crash, less and less apps for the phones were available. In fact, some app developers came out and fully admitted to not developing apps for BlackBerry phones anymore.
  • I wanted to create 4G WIFI hotspots. Every so often the Internet at home would go down, I wanted to have a backup. On the road, it would be nice for my laptop to have Internet in places where there was no FREE WIFI service. 
  • Bleak future. As much as I want BlackBerry to survive for various reasons, I personally don’t think it will. So, why would I invest in a phone that may be discontinued? I chose not to take a chance.
  • Slow development. I understand that BlackBerry 10 will be launched sometime in the new year, but my old phone would have not lasted that long. More importantly, I was disappointed with BlackBerry’s delay in the launch which was initially supposed to be in Fall of 2012.
Why I Switched To iPhone
I really didn’t expect to buy an iPhone, but after years of getting teased by my brother on how I was behind in times, slow and out of date with my phone I decided to jump ship. I also became frustrated with BlackBerry, and wanted more access to use my Twitter account on the go, take pictures to post to the blog, Facebook or Twitter, and most importantly use my phone for the tunes instead of lugging around a phone and a Mp3 player.
Here’s why I switched:
  • Twitter integration. Now I can tweet, re-tweet, converse and promote my posts on the go, and yours too.
  • Solid camera. I’ve been on a picture taking craze since I got the iPhone, and now don’t need to take my camera. Instead I can take pictures on the go, post them, and be certain that you’ll see more pictures that I took on my blog than stock photos.
  • iCould. A major reason why I switched over, as I do think that this will be one of the simplest ways for an individual to take advantage of the cloud. I use DropBox and Google Docs cloud-storage options but none of these quite scratch my storage itch. I use technology to make my life simpler and I truly believe that iCloud could be a nice solution for personal cloud management.
  • Siri. We talk daily and I divulge all my life problems to her. I asked her to marry me, but she replied “We don’t know each other well enough!”
  • Speed. I’m doing things in half the time that it took me before.
I know, I know — each one of these isn’t a big deal. But this is just a partial list, and all these tiny little concerns added up me switching. I was reluctant to switch for many years. I loved my BlackBerry and the different versions of the BlackBerry phone served me well over the years, but I just felt that it was time to move onto something a little more modern that has a brighter future.
Oh, and for those of you wondering if I blew $700 – I didn’t buy the iPhone 5. There wasn’t enough justification there to pay that kind of money, and instead I stuck with the iPhone 4S, which now runs the same iOS 6 – same as on the iPhone 5.
Do you own a BlackBerry or iPhone? What are your thoughts? Think BlackBerry will survive and become the comeback kid?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I’ve never really understood those who argued against iPhone and for Blackberry, but I guess it’s just because they dont’ use an iPhone. It’s like comparing Old Navy with Armani. There’s just no comparison. Welcome to the dark side!
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..Analyze My Budget: How Much Can I Save?My Profile

    • Thanks Daisy!
      However, like many things in life, nothing is perfect.
      Even with a decreased brightness on my iPhone, I still gotta plug it in for a charge mid-day. Yes, the battery life sucks compared to Blackberry.
      At the end of the day, its all about preference.

  2. I had the iPhone 4S and ran it through the washing machine so now I am back to my ancient Blackberry until my upgrade in June 2013. Sigh
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..What You Need to Know About PrePaid Debit CardsMy Profile

  3. You made a wise decision! The iPhone is just so much more reliable than Blackberry. My husband has to use a Blackberry for work and he complains all the time about how terrible it is. Unfortunately his company is too cheap to upgrade to the iPhone!
    Cassie recently Pink Hammer Only $3.11 (78% off)My Profile

  4. I don’t have an iphone, but I really want one! I don’t know what’s holding me back as I do have an upgrade to use.
    Michelle recently posted..Should I still be anonymous?My Profile

  5. Sounds like you could have written this piece in the NYTimes today!

    I had a Blackberry at my old job, but have had the iPhone for about 4 years now and love it. It replaces so many other “gadgets” that I might otherwise want… garmin watch, car gps, camera, and tons of other apps that “gadgets” don’t really exist for!
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..How Do You Go From Minimum Wage to $80K In A Year? Part 1My Profile

    • Hi!
      That NY Times article does sound like mine a little. What are the odds!
      I never had a company phone and I been with mine for 7yrs. I got it offered years ago, didn’t opt for it as I don’t like being on call on weekends and evenings. Seems like a lot of employers think that becomes automatic.
      Instead I asked to pay my phone bill. Works for me.

      You’re also very right on the gadgets, come to think of it, iPhone does replace many gadgets.
      Thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree: Blackberry’s going nowhere quickly. I love my iPhone. Siri is one hot chick (ask her how much wood a woodchuck chucks). You’re gonna be all about the twitter stuff. Sometimes it’s annoying, though. I’m out with people and I can’t quit checking my phone.
    AverageJoe recently posted..Did You Miss the October Tax Filing Deadline?My Profile

  7. How much is the iPhone4S nowadays?

    I’ve had my iPhone 4 for the past two years and my home button no longer works. I’m probably going to buy a 5 this Spring when I don’t have to stand in line anymore.

    Buying the new cables/chargers is quite annoying though!

    Financial Samurai recently posted..Real Estate: My Favorite Investment Asset Class To Build WealthMy Profile

  8. Don’t let the folks at RIM read this post :)

    Interesting read buddy…

    My Own Advisor recently posted..Reader Question – Where to start reading on your site?My Profile

  9. I am very behind and don’t even own a smart phone. I am not smart with gadgets and it would probably be outdated before I figured out how to use it. It probably would save time, though. When we are out of debt and if my blog does as well as yours over time, I’ll consider it. I used to think that way about Ipods vs CD’s or books vs Kindle and I really feel like I could not go without those two things, so I guess an Iphone is the next logical step.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Can Money Management Help In Any Way With Debt Consolidation?My Profile

  10. Couldn’t agree more Eddie. I just upgraded to the iPhone 4GS and I love it. Was never tempted by the BB – couldn’t stand the typing keys; much prefer the touch option.
    The apps are great; esp. kindle. I’ll probably upgrade to the 5 once the 6 comes out – LOL!

  11. Also switched to iPhone after having a Blackberry for years and years – I just love how everything seems to just work! There’s no “Ok well I guess if I pull out the battery and plug it in again it might fix the problem” like I had with the Blackberry.

    The general market just seems geared for people with iPhones – more apps, more support forums, more accessories – small things like that make a big difference.

    iPhone also seems more user friendly, aka my mum can actually send me text messages now! (still not sure if that’s a good thing)!
    Jon recently posted..The Power of Compounding InterestMy Profile