Sunday Link Charity # 7 – Vegas & LA Edition!


hollywood, las vegas, LA, Clippers, It’s been a relatively busy last few days. Mostly because I’m on the road for work and I am definitely out of my daily routine. Part of me feels weird, and another part of me feels that I’m lucky to be in warmer weather. I arrived in Las Vegas last Thursday, for my annual trip to Vegas, which also happens to be the biggest trade show that my employer exhibits in. Despite a lot of work that goes into preparing for the trade-show, this year I got the opportunity to spend a few days enjoying the city. I’ve been to Las Vegas for a few years now, did all the touristy things, ate at some pretty amazing places and enjoyed some pretty spectacular views. However, I’ve never been to California or Los Angeles for that matter. I knew that LA was only a four hour ride, but I never ventured out. Partly was because of the cost and mostly is due to time constraints. This year I wanted to make a change. Take the leap and get outside of my comfort sone. Forget the money, create the time and enjoy life to the fullest. So, I rented a car and drive for hours to LA. The drive down was pretty spectacular, not often does one get to drive through the desert. My fist stop was the Griffith Observatory. I took some pretty neat pictures of LA from atop of the hill. I also got some great pictures of the Hollywood Sign.

The kicker to my LA trip was a basketball game. Oddly enough Toronto Raptors were in town to play Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers. Such a coincidence. I think all the stars lined up yesterday. So, without much hesitation, I drove down to Staples Center to watch the game. I got a pretty good deal on the seat too – center court, 15 rows back.

I can go on and on about my trip, but I’m here to give away some Sunday Link Charity. I promise though, as soon as I get back I’ll write a whole summary post of my Vegas & LA trip. Pictures will be included of course. So, without further delay, here is this week’s Sunday Link Charity:


She Bloggs – This semi-fresh post called Suze Orman’s Cream of the Crap. It talks about Suze Orman’s pre-paid debit card, which is heavily not favored in the PF blogging community. One brave little devil stepped up to Suze via Twitter, only to get blocked a short time later. Good for her, I say.  I condemn you for stepping up and saying something to Suze.

Hi That’s My Bike – Bridget writes a neat post called Tis The Season: Kijiji in January  on why she enjoy’s buying on Kijiji. Another great point she raises, the best time to buy on Kijiji is in January, right after the holiday season. Find out why!

GMBMFB – Krystal wrote a solid post called; How to get your free annual credit report. For those of you that did not know, you can get your free credit report once a year. Canada or United States. You will just need some time, patience and going to the right website. Enjoy your free credit report.

Get Smarter About Money – Preet writes another solid post; Free or Fee. It talks about Financial Advisors. Some people seem to think these advisers offer free advice. When was the last time anything was free?

Financial SamuraiAlways be the underdog to get ahead. Some pretty wise words of wisdom from Sam. If you stand out too much, you become the marked person. Instead, just go on, do your thing and never toot your own horn.

Dividend NinjaAre reward cards worth the cost? I always said NO to reward cards. I’m not into chasing the rewards for many reasons, primarily the fees are stupid and returns are at a minimal.

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  1. Good for you for making that drive!! As much as we’d all like to save money, sometimes we have to spend a bit to enjoy life too :)

    Thank you for including my post in your link charity!!!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Eddie, thax for the mention! I agree with you :) I happen to have a rewards card, but its not the main reason for the card – just have had it for so many years. I certainly wouldn’t want to cancel it. I have to say though, it helps to get a discount on airfares once in a while :) I think overall, low rate cards are a better deal…

    The Dividend Ninja
    The Dividend Ninja recently posted..What Should I Invest In for 2012? Part-1My Profile

  3. Hope you enjoyed Vegas baby!

    Wasn’t it the Electronics and Porno convention? You into these feels?

    Best, Sam
    Financial Samurai recently posted..Things To Do And Think About Before Quitting Your Job High RollerMy Profile

  4. Finally….My dear Vegas is here !! hahaha :D Cheers to that :D