Sunday Link Charity # 14 – Day Light Savings Edition

daylight savings 2012This is your friendly reminder to change your clocks forward an hour today as day light savings time arrives.It’s a royal pain in the ass, I get it, I’m feeling it too, loosing one hour of sleep sucks. There is a positive in all of this time change though – Spring and Summer are just around the corner. For those of you with iPhones, check your clocks twice, especially if you rely on your iPhone alarm to wake you up. iPhones traditionally have a history of getting mixed up during any time change. Trust me, you wouldn’t have this problem if you had a Blackberry.

Hopefully you had a fabulous weekend, and if not, hopefully you have a good Sunday at least. Here’s this week’s Sunday Link Charity – Day Light Savings Edition.


Money Infant – MI suggests 8 things you must do after paying off debt . I personally like # 1 – Treat your self.

Add Vodka – Aside from being a fine vodka connoisseur, I do read Daisy’s blog often, but I’m bad at commenting. Anyways, she really wrote a good post this week called; financial protection: pretending you’re broke.

My University Money – Ever think about the future of eduction? Online classes, where you log on from anywhere, including your dorm bed. MUM writes an interesting post about just that called; respect for online degrees.

Wealth Informatics – In a modern, post-industrial economy that seems better suited to women than men, many are wondering if men have been permanently left behind? I think not, most of the high end positions are male dominated, so in spirit of International Women’s Day, WI wrote a post called She’s the man. Men are finished. Are men financially irrelevant?

She Bloggs – The never ending debate of whether couples should join…..or not. After not wanting to combine finances through a joint account, guess who gave in? Read SB’s article called; Can couples really budget with separate finances? 

Bargain Moose – Do you love freebies? If you answered YES, make sure you read freebies for your birthday. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Nickel by Nickel – Psychology has so much to do with everything, including money. Andrea writes a great post on how depression can affect your finances.

Making Sense of Cents – I wrote earlier this week a post called Why do you budget? MSC wrote her own post and sort of answered my question with her post called; Why I budget.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

This week’s carnival inclusions and guest posts.

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Guest Post on InsurEye – What you should know about insurance protection

PCI – Small Business Entrepreneurship is Not Always About Money





  1. Thanks for the link love! I’m not impressed with daylight savings. It should happen in the middle of a work day, not the middle of a weekend! Boo!
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..Spending Report: March 4-10My Profile

  2. I completely forgot about the time change, so you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that I’d lost an hour of my weekend :( You’re right, gotta look at the bright side – summer is almost here!!

    Thank you so much for adding me to your link charity. This is something you and I have actually discussed in the past and I was dead set against joint accounts ;)

    • You are very welcome. I’m glad you took into consideration for a joint account. You should write in the future on how it’s working out.

  3. Thanks for including us!
    My University Money recently posted..RRSP Contributions vs Paying Off Credit CardMy Profile

  4. Thanks for including me! My android is also notorious for screwing the time up…though i cant figure out if its my phone or the network, grrrrr

  5. I’m not a big fan of DST myself. I have at least 5 or 6 clocks I need to change. But at least warmer days are coming.
    Liquid Independence recently posted..Stuck with your Finances? Here’s how to Budge itMy Profile