Social Media and Your Job

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Whether you accept it or not, social media has some form of an effect on your job.

Are you truly careful with what you put on the internet? Some think that their employers don’t care about their social media profiles, but you should probably think again.

Whether you work with social media as your job, are involved in the legal system, financial industry, retail, etc., social media affects you and your job in some form.

Have you looked at your Facebook photos lately? What are you doing them? Maybe you’re holding a beer, dancing, the picture is actually a picture of your dog, or maybe you’re even doing a key stand! Hopefully these are pictures that you wouldn’t mind your boss or potential future boss looking at.

Have you ever:

  1. Complained about your job and/or your employer because you’re tired of your company/position?
  2. Complained about clients?
  3. Lied and called in sick, and then pictures were uploaded of what you were actually doing?
  4. Dressed extremely inappropriately in a picture?
  5. Done something extremely inappropriate in a picture?

Whether it’s your boss, clients or customers, someone has most likely typed in your name into a search engine. They will look you up on social media websites such as Facebook also, and your default picture, no matter what you might have to say about it, can define who you are and make a big first impression on the person who is searching you.

Of course how open or private you want to be all depends on your personality and also the job that you have, but with most jobs, you probably have some things out there that you wished your employer and/or clients didn’t see.

Below are some things that you might want to do:

1. Delete your bad pictures.

Is there a picture that would make your boss cringe or make a client not want you to represent or help them? You should probably delete those pictures. I’m sure we all have them. If you want to keep the picture, then upload it to your personal computer, but take it offline! I’m sure they embarrass your family as well.

If there are pictures that you can’t delete because someone else uploaded them, ask the uploader to delete them. I’m sure no one will have a problem with deleting a picture of you that they took. Just explain your situation and be polite.

2. Make your social media profiles private.

How private is your Facebook? If you truly cannot have your social media profile public and don’t want it viewed, make sure that you set your privacy settings to the highest option.

On Facebook, there is also the option to make all pictures of yourself private, even to your Facebook friends. This way no one can look (I’m not even sure if you can even see them). You can also change your privacy settings to where you have to approve all things that go on your profile before others can see it.

3. Present yourself in a professional manner in real life.

The easiest way to prevent any bad pictures of yourself being uploaded is to be professional in person! When you are about to take a picture, put your beer down or lower it out of the picture when someone is taking the shot.

Also, think about what you’re about to post on your social media websites. Are you about to complain about your job? Maybe you were recently hired for a new position and your current employer still doesn’t know. Before you post something, really think about whether or not you would like your employer or a client of yours to find it.

Either tame your statuses and pictures, or make everything more private by either increasing your privacy settings, slightly changing your name (such as making your real middle name as your last name), or become completely anonymous.

How has social media affected you?


  1. I’m in HR, and we do see quite a few things on social media that we have to take disciplinary action for. Calling in sick when you aren’t really sick is stealing from the company and is NOT good. These tips are definitely a good idea.
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..How To Avoid Premature WrinklesMy Profile

    • My friend recently got a job where she gets an unlimited amount of sick days and she thinks it’s a good idea. I’ve actually read that when companies do this, that employees usually use NONE or close to none of them because they don’t want to be seen as greedy.

      However, she thinks she actually gets to call in sick all the time!
      Michelle recently posted..Happy Halloween!My Profile

  2. Sometimes when I see people posting certain things on their social media pages I wonder what they are thinking. employers do look at this stuff and it matters.
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..Three Year Subscription to Bloomberg BusinessWeek for $30 – New or RenewalMy Profile

  3. It’s ridiculous what some people will post on social media in regards to their jobs. How dumb can people be? Thankfully I have a brain and refuse to vent anything in public; let alone discuss any real details of my life through those outlets.
    Jason @ WSL recently posted..Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash with QuinoaMy Profile