Got Stuff to Sell? – 10 eBay Alternatives for Selling Your Stuff Online

The best places to sell stuff online without using Ebay

eBay drawbacks

Once upon a time, I was a power seller on eBay, but around 7 years ago, it just became far less profitable.  This occurred for a number of reasons, including:

Their Payment Policies -  once upon a time you were allowed to conduct eBay transactions ex-paypal, but now you must use paypal for all transactions on eBay.  This results in greater fees.

Unprofitable Transactions – eBay fees have always been difficult.  Couple this with the aforementioned paypal only policy, and we see a much less profitable or possibly no profits at all

Feedback Changes – once upon a time sellers could leave negative feedback, now they may only leave positive feedback. In a sense, this leaves sellers at the mercy of buyers, who can now hold negative feedback over their head.

Seller Support or Lack Thereof -   if you’ve ever dealt with eBay’s seller support, you will understand that it is very difficult to deal with them. They often will not respond to an inquiry at all.


10 eBay Alternatives

With that out of the way, this post will try to outline some eBay alternatives for the readers who are interested in selling online beyond eBay.

1. Ealtbay
Read the name.  Yep, it’s an eBay alternative.  Ealtbay is an auction website that allows free listings, has very low final value fees, and you can accept any form of payment.   Another bonus, you’re allowed to sell anything legal.  Unlike eBay…

2. Ruby Lane
Ruby Lane is a niche auction site that primarily caters to sellers/buyers of antiques, vintage stuff and other high end collectibles.   Some users have complained that the fees are too high, but I’ve heard from others who claim to make a fortune on this website.   Check it out for more info

3. Bonanza
Bonanza mainly serves buyers and sellers of fashion items and accessories.   This website features a very, very low fee structure and many sellers have reported much higher profits on this website.

4. eBid Online Auctions
eBid  is another generic online auction website.  It’s a Google Shopping marketplace partner, which is great, has cheaper fees than eBay, and allows payments through a variety of services.  All in all, it seems better than eBay overall.

5. Amazon
Amazon.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but you may not have noticed that users can sell their own goods on the service.  Amazon allows you to list goods in competition with others, including Amazon itself.  It only allows buy-it-now.  It does not allow auctions.   Seller fees are much lower than eBay.  You have a variety of account options available to you on Amazon.   Sellers can also choose to store their products with Amazon, and amazon will process and ship your items for you.  Terrific service all around.

6. Kijiji / Craigslist
Kijiji or Craigslist in Canada and Craigslist in the USA. This is a local service for buying and selling items.  It is a great way to unload items, especially large items that would be prohibitive to ship.  Buyers will generally come to your home or place of business with cash, and buy your items.   Kijiji is actually owned by ebay, funnily enough.

7. Etsy
Etsy is a company that allows you to sell your own handmade crafts and other items.  Your items must be handmade.  Not mass produced items are allowed.  That being said, etsy is a very popular website with a large, loyal following.

8. ArtFire
Artfire, as the name certainly seems to imply, is primarily focused on crafts and artwork- but you will also see other items up for sale, especially in related fields.  Artfire does not charge fees, unless you choose to upgrade to their pro services.  Once you go pro, you only pay a monthly fee, you do not pay listing or final value fees.  I’ve heard that customer service is great.  It allows you to integrate other great features like coupons, analytics and more.

TIAS is another auction website for jewelry, crafts, collectibles, antiques and more. 

10. iOffer

iOffer is yet another auction site with lower fees than ebay.  I haven’t checked it out personally, but it looks like a great place to buy/sell online

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