Thinking of Going Back to Former Employer – Would You?

old job, ex-employer, employee, employer, job, workYou’re working away and possibly have been with your existing employer for months or even years and out of the blue you get the phone call – your ex-employer wants you back. More money, bigger promises and lavish rewards are all up for grabs, if you come back. Now you’re in a little bit of a dilemma. Do you go back? or do you politely decline the offer and stay with your current employer. A tough choice, but let’s not forget, there was a reason you left your old employer in the first place.

Returning to a former employer is real trend and it’s happening in all industries. The trend is appropriately dubbed as “boomeranging.”

Most consider boomeranging a normal process, after all one has to look for them selves first. No one said all relationships are perfect the first time. Maybe the second time around is the charm. However, one should always keep in mind the true reason why they left the first time. Some of the biggest reasons why employees jump ship:

  • Higher paying position
  • Less stressful work environment
  • Greater opportunities
  • Potential for growth
  • Superb benefits package
  • Fresh start in a new industry
  • Poor management style with existing employer
  • No overtime payment policy (overtime not paid)
  • Personal reasons

Each situation differs from one to the next. Sometimes employees leave simply for better money, only to discover quickly (months to a year) that things aren’t working out with the new company. Maybe the employee who quits was delusional at the time and many disillusioned workers wish they could turn the clock back and return to their previous employer. 

Other ex-employee simply because they are unwilling to suck up their pride. Others, step aside their pride and run back into the open arms of the ex-employer. That’s why it’s never good to burn your bridges, but rather leave on a positive note.

Ex-employers are willing to take back their old employees simply because they need them. The person was an excellent worker, they have instant credibility, because the company knows who they’re hiring back.

This boomeranging trend has particularly become big since the big layoffs in 2008. Everyone was being let go, most were let go to save the bottom line, despite the fact that they were good loyal employees. Now, business has picked up again and employers are going back to lure those old employees that they let go.

The idea of returning to your old nest sounds quite inviting, but is it really worth it to return to a place you’ve left? Money can be a big lure and can become a significant distraction. And like I mentioned above, think back and recall why you left in the first place. Were you happy? and did you enjoy the work environment?

Ultimately, you have to make the decision that’s best for you. And if you do choose to return, make sure you return to something more worthwhile, a position that will truly benefit your career. Money will be there, but returning to the same position you left, ultimately has no direct benefit to the employee and their career. Only, the employer benefits.

For those of you who are thinking of leaving, please leave on amicable terms. Boomeranging  only works if you leave on a high note, versus getting fired or quitting abruptly. And if you’re thinking of becoming a boomerang, read this article – Your ex-employer want’s you back , it will give you pretty good insight and maybe help you with your decision -return or not to return, ti’s the question!

 So, my fellow reader; Would you or wouldn’t you?


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  1. I had the opportunity to go back once my old boss was fired for the way he treated employees. I would have gone back if I wasn’t moving to Atlanta, but I’m glad things worked out the way they did. I’m much happier now.

    I think people get blinded by money. It’s hard not to-consider how flashy it is!
    L Bee and the Money Tree recently posted..The proof is in the puddingMy Profile

  2. I had left a job a few months ago after one of my children was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that required daily treatments over several months. I was also just fed up with how the office was run and some personnel changes and wanted to leave anyway. I made the mistake of visiting the office about a month ago. Two weeks later, they called to ask if I would come back after they fired my replacement, and claiming they ‘liked my work ethic’, so I asked for time to think this over and eventually decided return. I visited again a few days ago just to check the place out and refresh my memory on how things are run. As I’m about to leave, the secretary says “…and if the doctor seems a bit grumpier than usual, it’s because he’s being sued…”. Turns out the father of another former employer is suing him for malpractice. I’m supposed to start tomorrow. Money was the main factor in going back. Frustrating, but it doesn’t feel right, so I’m going to ‘change my mind’.

  3. Desislava Rangelova says:

    Hi all,
    my name is Dessy and i am from Bulgaria, i need to decide this afternoon whether i will go back to my formal exmployer or not. I ended my employment with former company because i was involved in hundreds of activities, the mistake of the youth i suppose, and when my ex-boss wanted to add another activity to my daily task and i tried to convince him that i have so many tasks that i am not able to do what i am expected to because i have so many tasks and he acted emotionaly and said i am a traitor and may i am forgeting who is the boss here. May be it is important to mention that i was involved with so many activities but without extra payment. And i just quit because when i started to work for my ex-company i was young with no relationship and other engagements and was living to work but now the things are a little bit different – i have a family to think of. Despite of all these tings i loved my job and the colleagues i had.
    the current employment i do not consider as permanent because this is simply not my industry, but should i go back or not? May be i will do the list as it was mentioned above. I will write again about my decision because it is a hard decision though.