Proof Is in the Pudding: Marketing Does Work!

apple store marketingMarketing does work and the proof is in the pudding! Recently I wrote a guest post at a friends blog titled, “Maybe you don’t need that iPad.” The whole idea behind the post was to focus on the personal finance aspect of buying an iPad through asking yourself questions such as, “Do I really need the iPad?” Needless to say I got hammered with a lot of sub-par comments by iPad supporters who basically called me an Apple hater.

Unfortunately the readers got the whole post wrong, and I’m anything but an Apple hater – my iPhone and iPod are proof of that. Instead I wrote the post to get others to think about whether they truly need another computer device in time for Christmas when they already have a laptop (and/or desktop) that does virtually the same job. But more the whole idea behind the post was how someone can keep $400+ in their pocket by forgoing a solid product that’s very well marketed.

Personally speaking, over the years I’ve had ample opportunities to purchase my own iPad. So far I passed on the purchase. Instead I gave away a piece of the expensive technology during my 2 year blogiversary giveaway by spending $400 of my own money on a new iPad. Yes, the giveaway was a success if you care to know.

But that’s not why I’m writing today’s post. Instead I wanted to share with you the post that I wrote (link is above) and gain your thoughts on whether the average iPad user truly needs another device when they already have a laptop? Think of this from a personal finance stand point!

Also I came across this brilliant info graphic (below) that depicts what the average Ms. Mac 2012 looks like – young, pretty and generally under 20 years of age.

Furthermore, I think you should know that without much surprise, Apple was voted the overall winner of the 2012 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence – that’s five years in a row as the winner or co-winner of this award. Coincidentally the runners up were McDonalds, P&G, Google and GE – in other words, some of the worlds most recognized brands that prove marketing does work!

If you really care to know what makes Apple such a great marketer, read this post by Forbes on Why Apple Is a Great Marketer.

So in conclusion, I have two questions for you:

  1. Aside from the iPad being a great tool, are most of the purchases made due to great marketing or due to actual need and/or product knowledge?
  2. Do you own an iPad? Why or why not?

female mac user

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  1. Great post Eddie. Apple is one of the best marketers. Look how they can keep people buying technology when they really don’t need it. People will wait in line for the newest gadget from Apple without even thinking about it. They don’t need it, but they have to have it because it is from Apple. I think Apple has a great product line and from a marketing standpoint, you can only learn from them.
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  2. Great post Eddie! Being in advertising myself, I can only admire Apple and their tactics. They’ve created a culture where their devotees will wait hours in line for a new item. Very few can do that and even fewer can do that over the long term. We don’t own an iPad ourselves YET. My wife is really wanting one and I have been trying to ask her why we “need” one if she already has an iPhone & a MacBook Pro. Sadly, I think I am going to be on the losing end of the argument. ;)
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  3. Apple has done wonders with marketing. Even their stores are really cool and make you want to buy something. My five year old knows what an iPad is, even though we’ve never had one. I don’t even have a smart phone. I am kind of afraid to start down that road because I might want more. My laptop works fine for now, but it would be nice to have something more portable to do work away from home, but I don’t really NEED it.
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  4. The comparison isn’t about ipad vs. laptops. The two are clearly different and have different uses. I’ve had laptops for years and never used them like we do our ipads. Ipads simply lend themselves to different uses.

    The marketing comparison however is Ipad vs. other tablets. That’s where the marketing comes in. $500 ipad vs. $199 android tablet? That’s where the ipad may not be worth the money.

    My wife bought an ipad last year. The rep wanted her to buy the latest. When I asked about the differences, I think it boiled down tho drive size, and display. It all sounded nice – don’t you want a better display and more space? Until I pointed out that the smaller drive size was plenty for our uses and neither one of us would notice anything as fancy as a retina display. Money saved. recently posted..Mortgage Life Insurance – the REAL reasons you don’t want it.My Profile

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