Weekend Ramblings

The weekend is half way over. Thus far it's been a fun one. Friday night was my Xmas party with work. Tons of fun times. Still waiting to see what Xmas bonus will be for this year and next week it's only a 4 day work week, which I am excited about, … [Continue reading]

Canadian Debt Level Exceeds US!

[retweet] For the first time in 12 years or so, Canadian debt level has exceeded our friends south of the border. Surprise huh? Well not really, this has been coming for sometime to come, roughly since October of last year. The ratio that is used … [Continue reading]

Fine dining on a budget!

We all enjoy eating at a lavish restaurant and we've all had the pleasure to experience this one way or another. For example I have experienced lavish restaurants through work, which most have taken place in Las Vegas or Toronto. Needless to say, the … [Continue reading]

Yaba Daba Dooo…its Friday!!!


[retweet] Yeah you read it right, its "Yaba Daba Doooooo". Glad the weekend is here and this Fred Flinstone is about to   get his weekend started, yet sounds like a busy weekend ahead too might I add. Besides the usual stuff, like laundry and … [Continue reading]

Traped in Debt? …Here are your 4 Escape Routes!


[retweet] We all carry some form of debt, no matter who you are. Just that there is good debt (such as a mortgage) and bad debt (any consumer debt, credit cards, loans, line's of credit). Now I am not saying debt is a good thing to have, heck at … [Continue reading]