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05.13.2011 – Time Magazine4 things I learned for not shopping for 127 days
05.12.2011 – Globe and Mail  (Rob Carrick)Going cold turkey shopping
07.15.2011 – Globe and Mail (Rob Carrick)It’s OK if you don’t invite me to your wedding

10.17.2011 – Globe and Mail (Rob Carrick)Blockbuster Goes Bust
02.07.2012 – Globe and Mail (Rob Carrick)House of the rising insurance premium 
05.04.2012 – Business InsiderThis is what everyone’s too afraid to say about rich people
05.04.2012 - Financial SamuraiMaking money too fast destroys you and everything around you
05.31.2012 – WiseBreadBest money tips
06.01.2012 – Sydney Morning HeraldIf you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it

10.24.2012 – Toronto Star – You Can Ease That Debt Load With A Plan (Print)
11.19.2012 – Money Sense -Bloggers Offer Their Best Financial Tips
11.20.2012 – Ellen RosemanWhat are your best financial tips?

12.21.2012 – Globe and Mail (Carrick’s Reader)11 things one blogger stopped buying