Your job, do you love it or love the money?


I talk to friends, co-workers, parents, friends of friends and people within the industry about my job, whats happening within the industry and so on. Most sigh and say something along the lines of; “You sound like you enjoy your job, but seems like you run the place with everything you do”. Yes this is true, I do handle A LOT of different tasks and am responsible for a whole lot of things as a Marketing Manager. Most days I truly do enjoy my job, it’s fun, challenging, people are awesome and it involves some travel to trade shows and such, which is a bonus. Other days, I sit, ponder and ask my self; Do I deserve more money? Do I want to earn more or am I just content? Truth be told, I am uncertain when it comes to this. Confused you might say.
In the five years of being with the current employer, I’ve worked my way up to this Management Position. I really don’t manage anyone, but my self. I am the Marketing Department. That being said, I don’t do it all my self. Certain aspects are outsourced, ideas are generated through various meetings, finishing touches are a combined effort of everyone, not just my self. Even though I hold the title of a Marketing Manager, I am responsible for far more, such as inventory, customs, managing 7 websites, coordinating roughly 7-12 yearly trade shows and anything else thatfalls in between. Whenever I mention this to anyone or what I do in little more detail, the usual response is – “Wow, I hope you are getting paid well, sounds like you do a job for five” and I nod and smile in return. This is true, they’ve hit it on the spot. Do I feel underpaid some days? Yes. Do I get frustrated by my job other days? Yes. Is this the reality and part of any job, the frustration part anyway? Yes. No matter what, at the end of it all, when I add up all the things, I still love my job, getting up for it every morning, putting in some extra hours, traveling for it and all the people I work with on daily basis.
Now that you know that I enjoy my job, I ask my self infront of you all – “Do I love the job or the money?” Truly I love my job. Can I get paid more somewhere else?  Sure I can, no doubt about it, but I am not thinking about money as much now. There are small benefits that are far more important to me now, than the money. Here are a few of them:


Daily Commute
It takes me 20 minutes drive to work and maximum 30 minutes in traffic to get home in the 5 o’clock rush hour. While most are stuck in the morning, heading south-bound on the highway to downtown Toronto, I cruise into work. Same thing en route home. North bound of the highway is jam packed, while south-bound is freely moving.


Experience over Money
I am still in my twenties. I got a whole career ahead of me to chase after money, but I want to chase after it when the time is right, when I got years of experience to back me, because essentially the experience it self will speak for me. I want to take more courses, educate my self and when it’s right, make the move. I don’t know when this will be, but whenever the time comes, I know I will be ready and hopefully I will be making a right move, for money, perks and better benefits.


I am not just another number on the pay check
Benefits of working for a smaller company, is people are involved in your daily lives. People genuinely care about you, your well being, events outside of work happen on regular basis and the job is more formal, rather than informal. If you work for a large corporation, you only usually know the people within your department and some people you meet oddly at work functions, such as Christmas Parties. I enjoy when my co-workers ask how my weekend was, talk about their families/lives and we gather outside of work for drinks, laughs and fun times.


Priorties over Money
I purchased my first home almost two years ago. I am still getting used to living on my own, paying the bills, paying the mortgage and all other responsibilities of being a home owner. If I were to leave my job tomorrow and start a new one, I am giving up seniority, for a fresh start. Will my job be secure, if we hit a recession like we did two years ago? It might or might not be. When we hit a recession at my current employer, despite the fact that we were slow, gone three months without sales, no one was let go. Instead hours were cut, certain perks were cut, but at the end of the day everyone had a job. I sure was glad I was still working, because without work, who would pay the mortgage?



So now I ask you, my readers;

Do you truly love your job or do you love the money?





  1. I love my job for the challenges it brings and the people I work with as well as the work environment provided my my employer.

    Like you said, I could probably make more elsewhere. I could probably find a position with less stress and responsibilities. However, I think i am being fairly compensated (always hard to be certain) so I can't complain too much (not that I would turn down more money).

    Enjoying what I do and having a feeling that I am providing value are important to me and it is what is keeping me where I am at the moment.
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    • Fox - says:

      Well said Jaymus. I feel for the most time I am compensated well, other times I don't. I enjoy what I do and it's challanging to a degree, but the biggest two things in the future that would make me want to move are more money and a greater challange/sense of creativity. I think if an employee (certainly my self) is not challanged, it just becomes a routine.

  2. Great job on weighing the pros and cons. I have been where you are now. I have been in jobs that I have questioned leaving because I didn't get full satisfaction from them. The key is to give yourself time and to decide what is most important to you. I have been in my current job for two years. In that time I have been offered several positions across the country that in some cases would pay more money. Despite the bigger paycheck, I realilzed I would be giving up so much. I get paid great already, I have a load of autonomy, I am my own boss, I set my own hours, and I have amazing support from my colleagues. I also find the work really interesting. Plus I have great benefits including maternity leave which will come in handy when my husband and I decide to start a family in a couple years. When I pause and think about all of these perks, I can easily say no to an extra 10 thousand a year.

    • Fox - says:

      I totally agree with you about weighing in the pros and the cons. Sounds like you did the same thing and the extra money is not worth it, if you are giving up a lot. Being your own boss and setting your on hours, is something money can't buy.

  3. I would say some of both. There are times when I really enjoy what I'm doing, and other times where it's really just the money. I think you do need both, but it's not always easy to find the ideal mix. If you've found it, then leverage that as much as possible!
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    • Fox - says:

      You are absolutely right about finding a mix of money and loving what you do. Now how about this for a question – If you had the money, but found the job dull and boring, what would you do?

  4. retirebyforty says:

    I love the money and I don't like my job. That's why I am trying to get out of the rat race in a few years and do my own thing.
    Many young people think they are special, but you will realize it sooner or later that yes you are just a number on a pay check and every worker is a replaceable cog. A bit cynical? Yeap, you got it. :)
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    • Fox - says:

      I agree everyone is replacable at the end of the day, but if someone sees true potential, value and a future in you, it may be different. For years I thought it always came down to the bottom line, still to some degree I think this is true. At the end of the day, the owner (especially of a smaller company) cares much more about their bottome line, than possibly at a larger corporation.

  5. Can I choose both?! :)
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  6. James Fowlkes says:

    My job is no fun at all. It's just money at this point. However, it currently allows me to pay my bills and support my family. I am hustling as Gary V would say and working to start my own business though. It will be an exciting day when I can quit…

  7. It’s definitely a mix for me. I genuinely enjoy certain aspects of my job, and if my pay was cut a little, I wouldn’t bolt for the next best thing.

    That being said, I like the money a lot and it’s a big motivation to keep working hard (I earn commission on my accounts). But I do not go in thinking about the money I’ll earn, instead it’s thinking about the tasks at hand and trying to make our business successful.
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