Job Perks of Y Generation

I always enjoy discussing with others their job, what they do and perks they might get for the position they hold. I find it interesting to know what others might have and how my perks stack up against theirs. Not that I am competitive or anything, but I guess I may be nosy. It’s no secret, that majority of workplace ads and hiring is geared towards today’s generation Y. And perks are a big part of it, especially during the hiring stage in hopes of luring in the best candidate.  Long gone are the days of going to work, doing your job and getting paid for the hours you put in. Instead perks have become the norm. Superior health benefits, car allowance, gas allowance, cell phone, tuition reimbursement are just some of the perks offered by employers.

I should warn you though. If you’re not part of the Y generation or are a baby-boomer or part of the X generation, this post may get your blood boiling, because that young-in sitting down the hall in office ABC  is getting the same perks as you, which is fine, except you’ve been working 20 years longer than him.  Some could say, that generation Yers have hit the jackpot in terms of job perks and I would totally agree with them, because I’m living proof of excellent job perks.

Come to think of it, I can not imagine a job today without some perks. Health benefits, dental and optical have become standard for even low-ed factory jobs. After three months you qualify for some for of health coverage. In my young, yet not so young career I’ve had the pleasure of discussing job perks with a number of people. Probably the best of them was an ex, who worked for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Talk about a hefty package.

This package sure made me reflect on my own, but than again I came to my senses and realized this is pharmaceuticals, where nothing is too expensive. Some of the perks that she had was 100% health coverage (dental,medical,optical), around $1200 annually towards R&R (masseuse), 5 weeks vacation, 14 personal days, 21 sick days, monthly car allowance, monthly gas allowance, profit sharing plan, cell phone paid for, 407 (private toll highway in Toronto) and last but not least, $5,000 education fund towards furthering her education, pharma related or not.

I’m still happy with my job perks. Currently I get 80% health & dental coverage, 407 tolls paid for, cell phone paid, travel annually to Las Vegas (trade show) and roughly 2-3 other shows/conferences across Canada/US (outside of Ontario), monthly car & gas allowance and year-end holiday bonus, two weeks vacation and 5 sick days.  Overall I am satisfied with my perk package. The travel is a total bonus and has allowed me to see parts of Canada/US that I probably would have never seen otherwise. I’m sure we all think to some degree that we deserve more, but let’s not get too greedy. There are a lot less fortunate than us who simply don’t have the luxuries of job perks offered in their position.


Readers; What are your job perks? Are you satisfied with them?




  1. Anonymous says:

    I have medical, dental and vision paid 100 for my entire family, a lot of vacation, pension and only work 180 days for 6 hours a day.  I am not paid very well because I am a teacher.  I had a much seeter deal when I worked in the high tech industry years ago.

    • Krant, that’s not a bad plan at all. My brother is going into teachers college in Sept. to become a teacher. He’s pretty excited. The sweeter deal could never off the 180 days off or 6hr work days or less stress. Good for you man!

  2. The biggest perk I get is that my time is totally flexible. I work for a quarterly magazine, so things are STUPIDLY busy for like, the month leading up to the mag coming out, and pretty slow for the month after. So I’m allowed to bank my overtime during the busy time, and take days off when it’s slow. I usually bank three or sometimes four days a quarter, so that’s 12 – 16 days a YEAR I can just take off, in addition to my two weeks vacation and my five sick days. In addition to that, my hours are really flexible. So like, if I want to work from home one day, that’s cool. Or if I’m just sick of working on a Friday and my work’s done, so I decide to leave at 2 p.m.? Totally cool. I also don’t have to be at work right at 9, so I usually get in sometime between 9:30 and 10, and if there’s extra work to be done, I always end up staying late. It’s a really great system and works well for me. 

    In other job related perks, I get half my cell phone bill paid for and recently I was given a “company” MacBook Pro for when I work from home (but really, it’s just a laptop for my own personal use AND for work stuff when I happen to work from home, which is awesome). I don’t get benefits, because it’s a small company, but I get a lump sum cheque every year, tax free, that’s intended to pay the cost of anything health related. And then just regular type perks, like free lunches for staff meetings and stuff like that, that are really just examples of my boss being awesome. 

    (Also, there are just general magazine industry perks. Like I get free books and stuff for “review” that we never really end up reviewing, and I can usually talk my way into a lot of events and conferences by saying I’m with the media.)

    • Melissa, I’m impressed. Your perks are really good, especially the banking days 12-16 paid days off per year is not bad, Macbook is good too. Sounds like a really good system. What kinda magazine do you guys print?

  3. I love my perks and will miss them terribly when I ‘retire’ in a few years, but the time away from my family is a killer!

    I get 100% medical, dental and vision (even tylenol and cough syrup) 80% for dependents, defined benefit pension that starts the day I ‘retire’ age not withstanding, 25 days leave (vacation) a year and unlimited sick days if warrented (hazards of the job). Education reimbursement as long as it qualifies and you pass, full access to gyms, up to 15% discount at certain businesses in the local area… it goes on and on.

    Of course, putting your life on the line for Queen and country should count for something eh? ;)

    • Sophie,
      Sounds like you have really good benefits, one of the best ones I’ve ever heard of. I guess you must be part of RCMP or something like that….working for the Govt. is never a bad thing.