Often when I think about things during some downtime of watching some of my favorite shows on Slice Network (Channel 41), I come to the conclusion, that in my current life and life style that I lead; “I am rich after all, yet not wealthy”. It’s true. I am rich. Ever since I started Finance Fox and exposed my life to you all in the online world, things have been tough. Cutting back on spending, becoming more frugal, spending nearly thirty percent of my income towards debt repayment, becoming single, taking on a bigger role at work and keeping up with trying to grow my blog, definitely things have been tough. With that being said, I’m still rich. Despite the fact that I’ve taken on a lot of change over the past 6 months and for most of my life, I’ve adjusted quite well. Part of that has to do with the fact that I’m an eternal optimist, sometimes afraid of change, but embrace it with open arms. Always remembering that ; “One Door Closes, Another One Opens”


When I used to save every penny towards a down payment of my first home and having to cut back on spending, I still felt rich. When I bought my first home a few years back, even though its a 900 sq. foot condo, in a decent, just decent neighbourhood, I still felt rich. To this day, almost two years back, I still feel rich. Part of my feeling of rich, has to do with the fact that I live in the moment, love the challenge and experience every little step along the way to the maximum. I lead a fairly normal lifestyle. I am a home owner, drive an average car, have a career that I enjoy for the most part and have everything of the basics for my life. I guess somehow I mix my job with my life as well and take into account this motto; “Less is More”.


I love to cook  and recently got into photography. Some of my most fulfilling moments of enjoyment come from when I am in the kitchen or out in the nature, taking pictures. Please do check out Fox 365 for some of my photography. Yes I am still learning, but enjoy every moment of it. Furthermore, I am an avid sports nut, follow almost every sport possible, play non-competitive organized soccer and give back to the community, with my annual summer coaching of kids soccer. Yes I do devote a lot of time, spend extra money on gas when I don’t need to and get nothing in return other than a plaque that says; “Thank you for coaching & volunteering”. Despite it all, nothing can take away my feeling of being involved with people, the community, my way of giving back and the fact of passing down my expertise  of soccer to  someone 15+ yrs my junior. No wonder I feel rich.


There is richness all around us, except we forget most of the time to slow down, take a step back and/or take a deep breath and see it around us. We all have friends that we love to see. Families that care about us. Kids of your own, that you would do anything for in a blink of an eye. Co-workers that care about your well being. A job, that allows you to earn an income, to afford that vacation, home or car. That’s rich. Rich to me, is something that money can’t buy. Things we can’t place value on.


I will conclude with saying this; “I’m a late twenties single male, with a whole life ahead of me to live for, learn from and always adjust, now that makes me totally rich”.  I am going to keep working on increasing my richness. I am embracing this new lifestyle, going back to coaching the kids this summer in soccer, taking courses in photography, motorcycle course and marketing courses. I also plan to do more Renos in the condo, keep playing soccer, enjoy spending time with great friends and family and most importantly eliminate my debt for good. I am rich and I will keep working hard at increasing my richness.


Now it’s your turn! What makes you rich? Any plans on increasing your richness?




  1. We are all rich :) We live in a country where we don't have to worry about our safety, and we have social programs to help the poor.
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  2. We are all rich in Canada- rich with LOVE! :) Taking a step back from the frenetic lifestyle to truly enjoy the moment we're in makes me feel rich.

    PS checked out your Fox 365- awesome photography!
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  3. Shaq is rich, the guy who writes Shaq's check is wealthy – Chris Rock
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  4. We are very well off, privileged and even somewhat spoiled in the western countries. We would do well to appreciate what we have, and welcome others instead of turning them away at the gates.
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    • Fox - financefox.ca says:

      Yes we are well off here, but the sad part behind it all, is that we don't appreciate what we have. Most people try to chase the American Dream, big house, fancy cars and money, but forget the basics, that it's not all about money, but rather what we currently have.