Don’t Let Your Post-Holiday Gift Cards Collect Dust!

gift cardsI don’t know about you, but Christmas 2012 came and left faster then a jet taking off. Seriously, I don’t know where the time went, but surely flew right by. That being said, I’m kinda glad we’re past the whole Christmas theme, and can look forward to embracing the New Year – a fresh beginning for many.

We’ve all had the opportunity open up our presents, some big, some small and some were just simple as a gift card. Personally I love gift cards – getting them and giving them away. But sometimes we get gift cards that simply don’t appeal to us anymore. Either we stopped shopping at those stores or they’re simply not convenient enough to stop by in our daily travels. So, what do you do with a card you no longer want? You could re-gift it, but personally I hate re-gifting gift cards. 

Up until recently you had two options with gift cards – re-gift or use them. But that all changed when CardSwap came onto the scene.

CardSwap is a Canadian company, based out of my hometown of Toronto which was founded by Frances Ho in 2009. The small business that had a moment of glory in a 2011 episode of the Dragons Den, where Frances was able to convince two dragons for $500k in cash in exchange for 50% of the business – a success in its own.

What makes CardSwap unique is that it provides a solution for unwanted gift cards. Upon your registration on their website, CardSwap will sell you gifts cards to hundreds of well known Canadian retailers, it will also purchase your unwanted gift cards at a percentage and in return send you a check.

The process is seamless, you simply fill out their online form and send your card in for redemption. Sold cards are paid out with a check within 7-10 days. But there’s more! Every time you purchase a gift card, you’ll receive swappoints. Eventually after enough swappoints, you can use it towards purchasing a gift card of your choice.

For those who purchase gift cards through CardSwap, you can expect to receive them in 7-10 days. So, not only can you grab gift cards giveaway, but you can also redeem that pile of gift cards you will never use for cash!

Personally, I think the whole idea behind CardSwap is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And not to mention they’re Canadian, so a win-win-win for the Canadian consumer. For those of you dislike hitting the stores or if you happen to live in a more rural area, CardSwap offers e-codes for all your online shopping needs.

Have you gotten any gift cards that don’t appeal to you?



  1. Sounds like a great idea. Thankfully we really don’t get gift cards we don’t want. The closest thing has been getting a card to a restaurant we’re not really fond of but usually just end up using it anyway.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Working From Home – A Mom’s PerspectiveMy Profile

  2. This year I received gift cards that I love, but usually there’s one or two that I don’t use. I actually have some in my wallet still from last year!
    Michelle recently posted..$1,193 in Extra Income, Life and Picture UpdatesMy Profile

  3. Dangit, do they have a U.S. version?! This sounds like an AWESOME idea :)
    Jacob @ iHeartBudgets recently posted..Budgeting InfographicMy Profile

  4. Card swap is a great idea. I got a 10 dollar Wagjag coupon to use there for 25 bucks “worth” of gift card. Super handy!
    Cat recently posted..5 easy ways to save at the gas pumpMy Profile

  5. We’ve sold gift cards online, but even easier is putting them on your work “for sale” board or electronic equivalent. Mr. PoP has no problem getting rid of gift cards for pretty much anything so far at about a 10-15% discount to face value by selling them to coworkers.
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..$520 To Restore A Piece of HistoryMy Profile

  6. For large value gift cards, I always sell on plasticjungle since it’s so easy to do. But for the lower value cards I sell on ebay and for some reason I often get more than they are worth haha(although you have to pay 15% in fees).
    Harry @ PF Pro recently posted..Guest Post: Being AverageMy Profile

  7. Yet another reason to move to Canada. I usually sell unwanted gift cards on ebay. At least they are cheap to ship.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Options for Diversifying Your InvestmentsMy Profile

  8. I wish people would try to figure out where people like to shop before giving them a gift card. That shows you actually were thinking of them rather than getting just any old gift card.

    If you have a card that you are going to use, keep it in your wallet by your cash so you see it all the time. It also helps to keep a note attached to it with the amount left on the card.
    Maggie@SquarePennies recently posted..Mary’s Tuscan Vegetable Soup to Warm Up Those Cold NightsMy Profile

  9. I usually get at least 1-2 gift cards per Christmas. This year I didn’t get any, but bf did. Thankfully to a restaurant we actually enjoy. I’ve had pretty good luck selling mine on e-bay in the past.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired-Part IIMy Profile

  10. I have never really gotten a gift card that I wouldn’t use, but enjoy and get excited about certain ones.