Generating Income While Not Working

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If you’re in work, it can be all too easy to take your income for granted. You work for five days a week, accept a weekly or monthly wage and spend what you can afford on food, energy, shelter and even a few luxuries to reward yourself for all your effort. However, if this income is taken away, what can you do? Should you become seriously injured, you may have to leave work, which would not only mean you have to go without regular income but you may face other expenses such as medical bills too.

Not having disposable income will make it hard to pay for life’s luxuries, while not knowing when you’ll be able to make a full recovery from your injuries can lead to all sorts of uncertainty especially when it comes to your finances. However, if the accident which caused your injury was someone’s fault, and you have proof to back up that fact, it’s possible to claim compensation from them with the help of legal experts like

Taking legal action against those at fault for your injury and subsequent financial struggles is a good idea, especially with no win no fee claims from ensuring you have nothing to lose in going down this route It could mean that, if you make a successful claim, you will be awarded the appropriate level of competition equivalent to the money you’ve lost from not working and medical care costs. It will also mean that justice has been done, which is always a good feeling when you’ve been wronged in any way.


  1. I’m all for peopel getting fairly compensated if they were hurt due to serious negligence, just so long as the sue-happy mentality doesnt’ continue. Americans sue all the time, like it’s going out of style, and this sucks. Sometimes accidents are just accidents and aren’t due to serious negligence, you know?
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  2. This is a great post becuase it is absolutely true. Sometimes we are underpaid but in these tough times we should be thankful to have a job. I am going to link to this post next Friday on Dinks Finance. Have a good weekend.
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  3. I love the concept of making money without having to slog it out or work for it. And you are definitely right about taking legal action against someone if we feel it has justified.

  4. Also shows the importance of having a 6 month emergency fund (just in case!!)
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